Thursday, March 13, 2008


SM St Patrick top in Tawau with 98.4% passing rate


SM St Patrick with a 98.4 per cent passing rate in the 2007 SPM examination, has emerged as the top school in the district. Of the 249 students in the school who sat for the examination last year, 36 passed with flying colours. Among the top scorers were A.C. Liew Yeong Cherng who obtained 12A1sand 1A2, Chew Mei Yng (7A1 sand 7A2s), Teh Tzer Hui (9As and 3A2s), Cassandra Liew Khai Shin (9A1s and 2A2s), Hiew Vui Khi (7A1s and 4A2s) and Lee Jian Hong (7A1s and 4A2s). Top scorer A.C Liew, 18, said in an interview it was important to concentrate fully in class when the teachers were teaching. Liew said that he usually studied on his own as group studying was distracting and added, “I pray to God for inspiration.” “I have a study schedule but was unable to adhere to it,” Liew said, adding that the most effective way of studying for him was to concentrate on one subject a week and to do revision at least two hours a day, especially at night. It was not all work for Liew as the boy was very active in the school’s co-curricular activities. “I was the school’s head prefect, chief editor of the school’s magazine, leader of the St John’s movement there and also represented the school in the national science competition he said, adding that his ambition is to be a doctor. The second child among four siblings, Liew plans to pursue his A-level in order to achieve his ambition. Meanwhile, SMK Tawau maintained its position as one of the top schools in the State with a passing rate of 96.8 per cent compared to 95.9 per cent in 2006. Out of the 316 students who took the examination, 10 obtained excellent results. In the science stream, Fung Jin Yee and Chong Jung Syn were the top achievers with 11As, followed by Andi Amina Binti Andi Radi (9As), Boon Nyuk Phin (9As), Suadi Bin Nanang (9As), Sarizan Binti Sabari (8As), Masniah Binti Sukirman (7As), Mervyn Ng Jing Rong (7As), Roziella Binti Kurni (7As) and ThirumaniA/L Teigarajan (7As). Senior Assistant I Yap Ah Boon said the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for last year was 4.75 compared to 4.69 in 2006. Fung, 18, said studying on her own was more effective that group study and she advised students to always concentrate in class as well as to ask their teachers questions if they do not understand the lesson. “I’m very happy to achieve my target of scoring straight As. I wish to thank my teachers and my parents who drove me to and from tuition class. My ambition is to be a doctor,” she said. Meanwhile for Chong, 17, adopting a smart study method as well as concentrating in class and completing homework was part of his recipe for success. Chong said he spent at least an hour every night doing revision of the day’s lessons and would indulge in sporting activities such as futsal and badminton to release tension. Another school in the district, SMK Kuhara, obtained a passing rate of 96.2 percent compared with 93.6 percent for the previous year. SMK Kuhara’s 12 top scorers were Suresh Rangiah with 11As, Nurhidayah Juprin (9As, 1B), Jacquelime Chong Shy Yee (9As, 2Bs), Assikin Muhamd (10As, 2Bs), Munzier Mahamud (9As, 2Bs), Lim Pui Shen (9As, 2Bs), Sujendran A/L Thangarajoo (7As, 4Bs), Suaiba Kuraga (4As, 5Bs, 1C), Rima Bt Pammusu (6As, 4Bs, 2C), Katherine Thadeus (5As, 4Bs, 1C), Muhd Fawwaz Afham (7As, 3Bs, 1C) and Siswati Asis (4As, 3Bs, 3Cs, 1D). Its Senior Assistant I, Norlela Ansley, said the CGPA for last year was 5.06 compared to 5.13 CGPA in 2006. Top student Suresh, 18, felt happy and proud because he achieved his .target of getting straight As. Most of the time, he studied alone but would sometimes took part in motivational programmes at his school and attended tuition classes. “I used reference books for my revision and I studied when I was free. During my leisure time, I like to read books and play computer. Right now, I wish to apply for matriculation and STPM as I want to become a doctor in the future,” he said.