Monday, March 3, 2008


Liew can help solve people’s problems: Pang

Barisan Nasional elected representatives received annual allocation of funds from the Government to implement development projects for the good of the constituents in their respective areas. “Apart from the projects implemented by the Barisan Nasional Government, BN elected representatives too are provided with funds to carry out repairs or upgrade of basic facilities in their constituencies,” LDP vice president Isaac Pang disclosed after visiting the Sandakan central market with BN Sandakan parliamentary candidate Datuk Liew Vui Keong on Sunday. Isaac urged the people to support and ensure the victory of Liew and all BN candidates to ensure continuity in the development programmes implemented by the BN Government. “Opposition elected representatives do not have allocations to implement development projects and they cannot resolve the problems faced by the people,” Isaac said. He pointed out if the people of Sandakan give the mandate to Liew as their elected representatives, he would be able to help address the issues affecting them. “Being the president of LDP which is a component party of BN, he is in a better position to channel the issues and problems of Sandakan people to the BN leadership for solutions apart from bringing development and progress to Sandakan,” Isaac said.


Lim urges Sandakan independent to withdraw

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang has called on Sandakan parliamentary independent candidate Fong Vun Fui to withdraw from the contest for the larger interest of the people of Sandakan to prevent a division of the votes against the Barisan Nasional candidate. “Sandakan people must vote as one to ensure the Barisan Nasional candidate is defeated because at this stage what is significant is to send a very clear message across that Umno’s political hegemony must not be allowed to raise its ugly head,” Lim told reporters after attending a political talk at the Yu Yuan Secondary School hall on Saturday night. Lim said a vote for any BN component party is a vote for Umno’s political hegemony. In a three-way fight there is a possibility that votes against the BN might be split and this must not be allowed to take place because every vote counts. “In Sandakan, DAP’s Chong Chui Lin is seen as the candidate likely to have a greater chance of’winning and therefore I call on the independent candidate to withdraw from the contest to prevent a division of votes. If he refuses to do so, then the Sandakan voters must ensure not a single vote is wasted otherwise the BN maybe the beneficiary which is very unfortunate,” he said. Lim said if the BN wins in the Sandakan parliamentary seat, Sandakan voters and Sabahans in Malaysia will miss out on the opportunity of sending a very credible and qualified Malaysian to become a Member of Parliament and also the opportunity to send a clear and unmistakable message to put an end to Umno’s political hegemony.


Justin says he did not support land application approval

The Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Bingkor, Justin Guka, has strongly denied his involvement in giving support to the approval of application for 2,500 acres of Bingkor Native Reserve (BNR) by 50 outsiders. “I was never directly involved in supporting the approval of the land,” he told The Borneo Post when commenting on the issue which was played up by the opposition, especially Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), during their campaign for the March 8 election. Incumbent Justin is facing two former Bingkor assemblymen, PKR Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan and Thomas Anggan (independent). Setia candidate Victor Leonardus is also vying for the seat. Justin said a letter from the State Land and Survey Department director, Bil: L. S. 1302.1.1/Vol. V (327)/(-rhl) dated February 11, 2008, was the answer to the PKR allegation. The letter forwarded to the Keningau Assistant Collector Land Revenue (ACLR) among others, said the land application (BNR) for livestock by 50 participants from Kampung Bunga Raya, Bingkor which was seconded (supported) at the Keningau Land Utilization Committee (LUC) meeting on November 7, 2007 was more suitable for a village reserve. The letter also rejected the application, stating that it could not be applied by any individual except for village reserve purpose. Justin said the letter had been circulated to all the Bingkor people to prove that he was not involved in approving the land application. “I also promise to struggle and defend the right of the people,” he said, adding PKR brought up the issue as they wanted to confuse the people and seek their sympathy.


Issues for all candidates to ponder
As the election gets underway and as polling draws nearer, I want all contesting candidates to ponder the following issues: 1. Why is the Federal Government not considering increasing the 5% oil royalty? A review is long overdue taking into consideration inflation and cost of living; 2. We set up a royal commission of inquiry to investigate the video clip issue concerning the fixing of judicial appointments, yet in Sabah, we have not done so with regard to illegal immigrants and fake identity documents; 3. The Saham Amanah Sabah issue: The Government last time indicated that they will guarantee the SAS shares but what has happened now? I see one passing the buck to another and to this day I cannot get a straight answer. Thank goodness I did not invest in the SAS but I feel sorry for those who did; 4. The papers highlighted what the BN has done for the country recently and said that they are the only ones who can deliver. I firmly believe so because there has not been any government since — maybe there should be a balance and if the opposition cannot deliver at least we can compare, so right now I think it’s a bit lopsided. Lately, the government has been saying they are doing a good job, I would expect from them nothing less as this is the reason why we vote them and they are being paid to do their job; 5. Why should all gaming outlets be controlled by private companies of Sdn Bhd? Lotteries should be conducted through a welfare outlet with a profits going back to society, instead of a few individuals. At the end of the year, they gave any ang pows to a few charities as window-dressing. Somebody is making big money at the expense of the people. Is this how the government serve the people? 6. My general perception of this election is this - everybody wants to be a candidate so that they will be able to win to get a position and power and this would further enable them to get contracts and enrich themselves. As regards their stories about wanting to serve the people, I am sorry I cannot buy that. Sometimes I feel that by voting in an election I am a part of the corrupt nature of our politics and politicians to give them a chance to win for business and their families first. Whoever forms the next government, they will take care of the people in one way or another in a small way as a window dressing as they will be taking care of themselves and their own people first. And because of this Sabah will always be a developing and poorest state instead of the reverse.
Clement Lee.


PM confident of two-thirds majority win
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Barisan Nasional (BN) is confident of securing a two-thirds majority in the genera1 election. The Prime Minister said this was based on the reports received from the states after a week of campaigning As for the position of the Barisan Nasional at this stage, InsyaAllah, we will obtain the two-thirds majority,” he told reporters after opening the Conference of Terengganu Religious Leaders 2008, here. The BN Chairman was asked to comment on the position of the coalition so far after seven days of campaigning. The campaigning period is entering its second week before polling on Saturday. Abdullah said he and his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak were giving more attention to states in the north and East Coast to ensure the BN Government would continue to get the people’s support. We go to the states that need help. As for Johor, we are of the opinion that we are strong (there), Alhamdulillah, and it is capable of carrying out campaigns to maintain the strong support.
He urged members of the associations, especially the younger generation, to carefully read the BN manifesto to help them make up their minds why they should vote for BN and not the opposition. “First we read the BN manifesto, then we listen to the BN leaders and finally we decide (where we stand),” he said. Sari Nuar said Abdullah had received the invitation and agreed to come for the meet—the-people session expected to be attended by some 3,000 people comprising BN supporters and association members. The event scheduled to start at 2pm will be attended by BN component party leaders including Sabah Umno Liaison Committee Chairman Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who would also deliver a speech before Abdullah give his talk. Sari Nuar said only VIP vehicles will be allowed to enter the school compound during the event and members of the public who wish to attend the talk are to park their vehicles at a designated parking area at Likas Sport Complex. - He said a shuttle bus will be provided to transport the attendees to and from the sport complex and advised the public not to park their vehicles along the roadside near the school to avoid traffic congestion. The Federation is an umbrella organization for more than 120 registered bodies which are organising the event.


Protecting coral reefs off Sabah


The Chief Executive Officer of WWF-Malaysia has stressed the need for every individual to be aware of the importance of protecting coral reefs from threats and playing their part, which is the fundamental objective of the International Year of the Reef 2008. Dr Dionysius S.K. Sharma said that in Malaysia, individuals, the government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are creating partnerships with the very intention to save the reefs. He said: “Malaysia has extraordinary reefs, home to hundreds of species of reef- building corals and countless other species, which make up an incomparable kaleidoscope of marine biodiversity. “The reef cover in Malaysia is approximately 3,600km with 75 percent situated off the coast of Sabah, roughly five times the size of Singapore. “Coral reefs serve to provide livelihoods through fisheries and tourism, and protect coastlines from erosion, among others. “Malaysia’s reefs are under the same pressures faced by reefs globally, caused by human activities such as unsustainable fishing practices and unplanned coastal development, a lack of adequate waste management systems, habitat destruction and climate change. “This is reflected by the fact that for the first time, corals have ended up on the World Conservation Union’s (IUCN’s) Red List of Threatened Species, a list, as its name suggests, identifies species requiring immediate safeguard measures.” Dr Dionysius said that in view of this, WWF-Malaysia, as well as like-minded NGOs and governmental bodies, are pooling resources to save our coral reefs. He said the efforts are made through trans-border collaborations under the Coral Triangle Initiative involving Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste and implementation of the Sulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion Action Plans, spearheaded by the governments of three nations - Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. He said it is important for every individual to learn more about our rich marine heritage as individual behaviour and actions, whether at sea or on land, have an impact on the marine environment. “Visit the marine park and conserve water, dispose of trash properly, practise responsible diving and snorkeling, support reef-friendly businesses or, if you are in the business, exercise positive codes of practice and get involved in cleanup activities,” he said. “All these and much more are ways in which we can all contribute towards ensuring the survival of our reefs, our heritage.”


Keadilan top gun joins Upko Penampang


Tan Sri Bernard Dompok received yet another endorsement in his quest to become the Member of Parliament for Penampang when a top Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader joined the Barisan Nasional. PKR director of operation in the on-going campaign for Penampang, Maxmillian Takong, on Saturday night submitted his form and pledged full support to Dompok and Upko, witnessed by Upko Pupatu branch committee. The Upko President said, “He is joining us on his own free will. He informed me that he decided to join us simply because the BN is the better choice. I thank him and appreciate such conviction.” “I call on our people to be courageous in accepting the fact that they will go nowhere by supporting the opposition. PKR, DAP and PAS had openly said that they cannot win and form the Federal Government. All they hope to do is to reduce the BN majority. So why are our people wasting their time with the opposition?” He said this to reporters after visiting the Lido market here on Sunday. Also with him was the BN Kepayan candidate Datuk Edward Khoo. Apart from Dompok, the Penampang seat is also contested by Edwin @ Jack Bosi of PKR and independent hopefuls Anthony Tibok and Livired Missih @ Willybrod Misi. Takong’s endorsement is but only one of the many support received by Dompok since nomination day on Feb 24. The others who had openly supported Dompok were the Penampang Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Kadazandusun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as all the BN component parties in the district. On Sunday, Dompok was the guest of honour at a ‘welcome home’ luncheon gathering attended by community leaders and Upko election machineries from the district. In a related development, Dompok was in Keningau two days ago to give moral support to BN candidate for N 33 Bingkor, Justin Guka. “I am happy to see that the component parties are working closely with one another in the area. Cooperation and unity are keys to victory and I believe they will deliver,” he added.


Keningau can be metropolitan city, says Pairin


Keningau will become a metropolitan city in 2025 with the implementation of the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) Middle Corridor, said the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Keningau parliamentary seat, Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan, on Saturday. “I am confident under the BN Government leadership, Keningau will become a metropolitan city in 18 years,” he said when officiating a meet- the-people session at Kampung Baru in Bingkor here. Keningau would become a producer of agricultural products and have modern infrastructures, world- class education and tourism facilities as well as the biggest bio-technology producer in the country, he said. Pairin who is also the Deputy Chief Minister and Rural Development Minister, is confident that the SDC Middle Corridor would change the physical and economic landscape of the Upper Interior. He said the people from Keningau, Tambunan, Nabawan, Tenom, Sook, Kemabong and Pagalungan with a majority population of Kadazandusun Murut, would enjoy all the development opportunities provided and implemented by the BN Government in their districts. “The Prime Minister has targeted to eradicate poverty by the year 2010. It can be achieved through the various developments planned and brought by the Government,” he said. Meanwhile, Pairin invited the people to attend the SDC roadshow which is expected to be launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the community centre here on March 5. Pairin who is also the PBS president, is challenged by his younger brother, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan from PKR and Peter Kadau from DAP in Keningau while for the Tambunan state seat, the Keningau BN chairman is facing a three-cornered fight with Moses Michael Iking from PKR and independent candidate Francis Koh Kui Tze.


Jeffrey urges Pairin to retire gracefully


Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice president Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan yesterday advised Datuk Seri Pairin Kitingan to retire gracefully and accept the fact that “change is blowing very hard into Sabah and everybody can feel it”. Making the call in front of over 2,000 Jeffrey supporters at TVRC Tambunan yesterday, Dr Jeffrey urged his elder brother to step down and protect the Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) community through strengthening the KDCA in his capacity as the Huguan Siou. “I will always respect my brother and I cannot deny that he has brought great contributions to the development of Tambunan and Keningau. But he is now sounding more like the Umno leaders when he is telling his own people that the development will stop if they do not vote for BN. “He did not realise that it was at this point when PBS was given the mandate by the people back in the 1984 election where the Government took away the district administration in Tambunan and yet the people backed him up no matter what. “Is he telling us that the BN Government will do the same if the people of Tambunan choose the opposition again this time? It was the same threats given by BERJAYA to the people not to vote for PBS. Now he is sounding more like them now and I believe that the people are wise and politically matured to decide that change will prevail here in Sabah,” said Jeffrey in a statement yesterday. “He even admitted it in his press statement that Umno at that time stopped all developments for Tambunan because he was in the opposition party, but I do believe that if the people have given you the mandate to fight for injustice in Sabah, we must accept and respect the vote given to us by the people and not simply surrender to BN,” he added. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be a family friend of the Kitingans, Hj Jaafar Abdullab @ Ricky Kimsuan, joined in the siblings’ rivalry yesterday by asking Pairin to stop bashing his younger brother Jeffrey, who is spearheading PKR to correct wrongs in the State. “Pairin please lab you have been in power for more than 30 years, with 10 years as Chief Minister, what else do you want to do now that you could not have achieved the past 30 years? “Don’t say Dr Jeffrey ‘melompat sana sinilah’, Pairin also ‘melompat’ from BN to opposition and then back to BN now. A president should not ‘melompat sana sini’,” saidHj Jaafar in a statement yesterday. Hj Jaafar, once an ardent follower of PBS, who claims now to be a consultant to Dr Jeffrey, said while the people have seen the best of Pairin, they have yet to see the best of Dr Jeffrey, simply because he is not in a position to decide on priorities and policies.


PKR admitted cannot form Govt, says Musa


Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said there is no point voting for a party that cannot garner a simple majority to form the Government. He said the opposition, namely Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), had admitted recently that it could possibly win only 20 to 25 seats. “Earlier on, PKR already admitted that they can only win 20 to 25 seats. How can you form a Government when you need a simple majority of 112 to do so?” Launching the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) roadshow organized by Sabah Foundation (Yayasan Sabah) at the community centre here yesterday, Musa who is also State BN chairman, said the fact that PKR would concede to being able to win only so few seats should be a clear indication to the people that it was a weak party. “When the leaders of PKR do not have the confidence to say they can at least command a simple majority, there must be a problem,” said Musa. “Why would you want to vote for a party that obviously cannot form a Government?” he added. Musa said doing so would be a waste of the people’s time and effort and voting for opposition parties like PKR, DAP and PAS would be gambling with one’s future. “What kind of development, projects and socio-economic programmes can they bring to the people when they cannot form the Government?” The Chief Minister said the people must ponder and look at the bigger picture before casting their votes. “Don’t be reckless with your votes. It determines your future and the future of your children.” Meanwhile during a meet-the-people function in Lahad Datu, Musa said only the BN Government can bring progress to the people of Sabah, including Lahad Datu. He said the district had stood to gain under the BN Government which had brought the Palm Oil Industrial Cluster, a mega project that would generate economic pin-offs for Lahad Datu. “The BN Government also approved a RM15O million flood mitigation project, 3,000 units of low-cost housing are underway and more will be built in the near future.” In view of the development of POIC that would naturally bring more visitors, especially for business, he has requested the Federal Government to upgrade the Lahad Datu airport. “Only the BN can give high- impact projects that will bring long-term benefits to the people. So for continued development, you must make BN a stronghold in Lahad Datu,” added Musa. Meanwhile, about 40 members from opposition parties resigned to join BN yesterday. One of them was independent candidate for Apas N56, Ardi Arsah.


Close shop call for KDM parties unrealistic and nonsensical: Dompok


It would be unrealistic and nonsensical for the Kadazandusun-Murut (KDM) based parties under the Barisan Nasional (BN) to “close shop” to unite the community, said Upko president Tan Sri Bernard Dompok. He said he does not understand the proposition made by Parti Keadilan Rakyat State information chief Dr Edwin Bosie, because “how do you promote unity when everybody’s closed?”. “I think he will be rejected by his party because that was obviously not the premise on which Keadilan was formed,” he said in an interview after attending a reception yesterday to welcome his return to Penampang after serving two terms in Ranau. “I don’t think it is realistic to expect the KDMs to come under a party like Keadilan which is working with PAS, surely not ... it goes without saying that this is a proposition th is close to absurdity,” he said. Earlier on Friday night, Edwin said it is important for the three BN KDM-based parties, namely Upko, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) and PBRS, to “close shop” to allow the KDMs to unite as a single community. Edwin, who is contesting against Dompok for the Penampang parliamentary seat, said the presence of the three parties will only perpetuate division of the community, claiming further that it is a ploy to ensure the Federal Government can control Sabah. When asked to comment further on Edwin’s contention of division within the community caused by the three KDM-based parties, Dompok side-stepped the issue, saying that matter will work itself out in due time. “I think we have to allow these things to follow its natural course, eventually things will get right. At the moment, if you look at the composition of the other parties, some of them are purely multi-racial,” he said in an apparent reference to PBS. Dompok noted that Upko’s struggle for the KDM community is not unlike what is being championed by national parties MCA, MIC and Umno which he said represent the Chinese, Indian and Malay communities respectively. “In the same vein, Upko has taken upon its role to represent the views of the bumiputras from the KDM community,” he said. Earlier in his speech at the reception, Dompok said it is a great responsibility for candidates to receive support and assured that Upko’s candidates are “here to serve”. “We are here to carry out the mandate of the people, to ensure that what is promised is carried out and what is planned is implemented. “Our promise is that we will do our work fearlessly, in the true spirit of the responsibility given to us by the people, but this needs your support,” he said. Dompok stressed that the BN coalition has proven its capability in fulfilling its responsibilities to the people of Sabah. “Our manifesto said that there shall be a place for everyone under the Malaysian sun, and this means that we all have the opportunity,” he said. Also present at the event were Moyog State candidate and Upko supreme council member Donald Mojuntin, Kepayan State candidate Datuk Edward Khoo, Penampang Umno chief Datuk John Ambrose Dumpangul, Datuk Clarence Bongkos Malakun and event organisers Jeffrey Ekol and Jackson Boijol.


KDM’s glory days coming back: Donald


The Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) community’s glory days are coming back, according to the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Moyog, Donald Datuk Peter Mojuntin. “A new era is dawning and therefore the KDM cannot afford to run around in circles anymore,” Donald said at a luncheon to welcome- Upko President Tan Sri Bernard Dompok back as the BN’s candidate for the Penampang parliamentary seat yesterday. Donald stressed that the KDM should discard the habit of leaving BN and joining the opposition when they are disappointed only to realize later that ‘the grass is not greener on the other side’. “We have to stop doing this because the KDM are represented in the Government by elected representatives from KDM-based BN component parties,” he said. According to Donald, by giving them the mandate, the elected representatives can voice out the needs and grouses of the KDM communities to the Government. “We have the opportunity to say and do what we want for the people. We also have the opportunity to argue if something is not right,” he said in urging the people to ensure a resounding victory for BN candidates in Penampang, Moyog and Kapayan constituencies. “Our participation in BN will also serve everybody irrespective of race,” he said, adding that the BN is a well established coalition with a very good track record in terms of providing Malaysia with security as well as economic and political stability. On a different issue, Donald shot down talks that Dompok had made the wrong decision by dropping two Upko’s incumbents for the coming election. “People are saying that he (Dompok) made the wrong decision by not fielding certain candidates. I would like to stress that there were no wrong decisions. The decisions were made with good heart and our two leaders are with us all the way. “They are involved in the campaigning with open hearts and are giving the party everything they’ve got,” he said. According to Donald further, in any struggle, there is only one way to do it... with integrity and honesty. There is no need to destroy anybody’s credibility and no need to lie.


Opposition parties trying their luck in Sabah: CM


The opposition parties, like PAS, DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), which have been rejected by the people in the Peninsular, are just trying their luck in this Land Below the Wind, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman. This, he said, was also realised by the people of Sabah and believed that they would reject the parties concerned and their political ploys. “The opposition parties, like PAS, PKR and DAP are not wanted in the Peninsular. My friends in Johor and Selangor said these political parties are just ‘story teller’ parties. They only appear during elections and make all sorts of promises. Since they are not accepted in the Peninsular, why come to Sabah? Do they think the Sabah people are stupid?” he said when speaking at the opening of the Sabah Foundation’s mobile exhibition here yesterday. He said it would be a big mistake for the opposition parties to belittle or look down on the political intelligence of the Sabah people or to think they would be easily accepted by the people in the State. “The Sabah people are politically wise and experienced and they are able to distinguish between the husk and rice or glass and precious stones,” he added. He said the people in Sabah had been supporting the Barisan Nasional (BN) on the realisation that only the coalition was capable of bringing development and to fulfil the aspirations of the people. “The people in Sabah and Tawau know the twists and turns of politics. They are good people who know how to be grateful,” he added. Met by reporters later, Musa said he was confident of the BN getting a bigger win in this general election considering the show of support for the coalition by the Sabah people after a week of campaigning. “I have been to almost all parts of Sabah and wherever I go, the response has been overwhelming. This indicates the people are aware of the good brought by the BN,” he added. -Bernama


Independent withdraws in Tawau


The independent candidate for the Apas state seat, Ardi Arsah, yesterday announced his withdrawal from contesting and pledged his support for the Barisan Nasional (BN). Ardi and about 300 supporters declared their support for BN before Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who is also Sabah BN chairman, here yesterday. The withdrawal means that Apas will now see a straight fight between BN’s Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan and Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s (PKR) Vun Kon Pau @ Henry Vun. Despite the withdrawal, Ardi’s name will still appear on the ballot paper as it came more than three days after nomination day. Ardi said he decided to withdraw from contesting as he realised that only BN could develop Sabah. “I made the decision yesterday after discussing it with my supporters.” he said. BN received a further boost when Tawau PKR division secretary Yusuf Siha, vice-chief I Ahmad Jumadi and vice-chief II Othmah Tuyau pledged their support for BN. Meanwhile, the Barisan Rakyat Sabah (BRS) party also suffered a setback when its Tawau division was dissolved after division chief Landasan Tumabil and its committee members declared they had quit the party and supported BN. When asked about this development, Musa said those who quit their parties realised that they did not gain anything by joining the opposition. -Bernama


Big rare fish found in Tuaran, taken to museum


A mola fish or known as ‘sunfish’ - the heaviest bony fish in the world - was found by a resident of Kampung Lok Nunuk here early Saturday morning. Jarin b Atun, 37, said he was checking his boat at the shore when he saw a black object floating 50metres from the shore about 6am. He then took his boat and went to have a closer look at the object which was moving. “I was so surprised that it was a big fish with no tail and it was still alive,” Jarin said, adding that he immediately informed his family members and villagers. It was learnt that it took more than 10 men to bring the fish ashore. However, it died a few minutes later. Fisherman Jaafar bin Hj Musa, 79, and the other villagers said that they had never seen such kind of fish before. Sabah b Kaloh, who is the deputy chairman of the Village Development and Security Committee, then asked Ariffin Gadait who is attached to the Assistant State Secretary’s Office in the Chief Minister’s Department to identify the species of the fish. According to Ariffin, the fish was six feet long and four feet wide. Its eyes were three inches wide while its mouth was six inches wide. He said its pectoral fins which were round like a fan, were 10 inches long while both of its dorsal fins and anal were 33 inches long. “There were no signs of injuries on the body of the fish,” Ariffin said when he was further asked about the condition of the fish. He brought the fish to the State Museum yesterday in his Land Rover vehicle. Ariffin said the residents of Kampung Lok Nunuk wanted the museum to preserve and display the fish. The mola is found in all tropical oceans and is known to eat gelatinous zooplankton (jellyfish), crustaceans, plankton, small fishes and comb jellies. It can grow from one tenth of an inch to a fully matured fish reaching up to 12 feet in length and 14 feet from fin to fin. Some records show molas weighed over 4,000 pounds.