Monday, March 3, 2008


PKR admitted cannot form Govt, says Musa


Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said there is no point voting for a party that cannot garner a simple majority to form the Government. He said the opposition, namely Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), had admitted recently that it could possibly win only 20 to 25 seats. “Earlier on, PKR already admitted that they can only win 20 to 25 seats. How can you form a Government when you need a simple majority of 112 to do so?” Launching the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) roadshow organized by Sabah Foundation (Yayasan Sabah) at the community centre here yesterday, Musa who is also State BN chairman, said the fact that PKR would concede to being able to win only so few seats should be a clear indication to the people that it was a weak party. “When the leaders of PKR do not have the confidence to say they can at least command a simple majority, there must be a problem,” said Musa. “Why would you want to vote for a party that obviously cannot form a Government?” he added. Musa said doing so would be a waste of the people’s time and effort and voting for opposition parties like PKR, DAP and PAS would be gambling with one’s future. “What kind of development, projects and socio-economic programmes can they bring to the people when they cannot form the Government?” The Chief Minister said the people must ponder and look at the bigger picture before casting their votes. “Don’t be reckless with your votes. It determines your future and the future of your children.” Meanwhile during a meet-the-people function in Lahad Datu, Musa said only the BN Government can bring progress to the people of Sabah, including Lahad Datu. He said the district had stood to gain under the BN Government which had brought the Palm Oil Industrial Cluster, a mega project that would generate economic pin-offs for Lahad Datu. “The BN Government also approved a RM15O million flood mitigation project, 3,000 units of low-cost housing are underway and more will be built in the near future.” In view of the development of POIC that would naturally bring more visitors, especially for business, he has requested the Federal Government to upgrade the Lahad Datu airport. “Only the BN can give high- impact projects that will bring long-term benefits to the people. So for continued development, you must make BN a stronghold in Lahad Datu,” added Musa. Meanwhile, about 40 members from opposition parties resigned to join BN yesterday. One of them was independent candidate for Apas N56, Ardi Arsah.