Monday, March 3, 2008


Keadilan top gun joins Upko Penampang


Tan Sri Bernard Dompok received yet another endorsement in his quest to become the Member of Parliament for Penampang when a top Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader joined the Barisan Nasional. PKR director of operation in the on-going campaign for Penampang, Maxmillian Takong, on Saturday night submitted his form and pledged full support to Dompok and Upko, witnessed by Upko Pupatu branch committee. The Upko President said, “He is joining us on his own free will. He informed me that he decided to join us simply because the BN is the better choice. I thank him and appreciate such conviction.” “I call on our people to be courageous in accepting the fact that they will go nowhere by supporting the opposition. PKR, DAP and PAS had openly said that they cannot win and form the Federal Government. All they hope to do is to reduce the BN majority. So why are our people wasting their time with the opposition?” He said this to reporters after visiting the Lido market here on Sunday. Also with him was the BN Kepayan candidate Datuk Edward Khoo. Apart from Dompok, the Penampang seat is also contested by Edwin @ Jack Bosi of PKR and independent hopefuls Anthony Tibok and Livired Missih @ Willybrod Misi. Takong’s endorsement is but only one of the many support received by Dompok since nomination day on Feb 24. The others who had openly supported Dompok were the Penampang Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Kadazandusun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as all the BN component parties in the district. On Sunday, Dompok was the guest of honour at a ‘welcome home’ luncheon gathering attended by community leaders and Upko election machineries from the district. In a related development, Dompok was in Keningau two days ago to give moral support to BN candidate for N 33 Bingkor, Justin Guka. “I am happy to see that the component parties are working closely with one another in the area. Cooperation and unity are keys to victory and I believe they will deliver,” he added.