Monday, April 28, 2008


CM: Political tsunami can happen here if BN parties failed to do job


It is not impossible for a political tsunami like the one in Peninsular Malaysia to also happen in Sabah, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman. This could happen if the Barisan Nasional component parties failed to fulfill the aspirations of the people, he said in his speech at the Sabah Progressive Party’s (SAPP) 13th delegates’ conference here yesterday. Musa called on the leaders and members of BN component parties to double their efforts to ensure that “BN remains relevant and is still the best platform for political struggle for the people”. He said they should not easily feel comfortable and satisfied with what had been achieved. The Chief Minister also cautioned Sabah BN not to be influenced by the Opposition’s empty claims that a number of State BN leaders would cross over to Pakatan Rakyat. He reiterated that the claim by Keadilan Adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that a number of RN leaders from Sabah are leaving the Coalition to join the Opposition pact is nothing but a big lie. In rejecting the claim, Musa who is also the State BN Chairman, said the Opposition pact comprising DAP, PAS and Keadilan is very ambitious and dreams of taking over the State from the BN. He reminded BN members that the solid political stability in Sabah would be easily undermined by the Opposition if they let their judgments clouded and influenced by such empty claims. “The fact is that RN has won the last election with a solid majority and has been given the mandate by the people to continue to govern the State and the country,” he said. As such, he said it is important that State RN members continue to trust and have faith on the ability and sincerity’ of the Coalition’s leadership led by RN Chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Radawi. “Today is the time for us to struggle more and give our commitment fully to strengthen the RN. “Standardizing the BN image and popularity is our responsibility and commitment and the people are observing our effort for the ‘walk the talk’ by implementing the task given even though the Opposition have been trying to follow the concept that we have been practising,” said the Chief Minister. He said the situation now demand us to apply the concept of power sharing that had been the formula of unity among the races and the development of the nation. “The spirit of BN through cooperation, unity and consensus are position of the Sabah Development Office and other changes sought. “Surely the changes cannot take place with the blink of an eye. It will take time. What is important is that the Prime Minister is seriously looking into the matters raised. “For example, the Government had taken immediate action by ordering the building of additional temporary detention centres for illegals in Sandakan and Tawau to deal with the problem of illegal migrants in Sabah,” he said.