Monday, March 24, 2008


Shell, UMS promote safety culture among UMS engineering students


Shell Malaysia Gas & Power and the Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) held a two-day workshop for 50 final-year engineering students on the importance of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) in the workplace on March 15 and 16. This capacity building programme, known as PRESTIGE or Practical Environmental, Safety and Industrial Guidance for Engineers, is now in its second year. “Our objective is to share the importance of health and safety in the workplace with these future engineers using Shell’s HSE tools and best practice to enable them to not only see its importance in the workplace but make it part and parcel of their work culture,” said Mark Pattenden, General Manager - Manufacturing, Shell MDS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. The workshop was run in collaboration with the Department of Environment (DOE) and the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) in Kota Kinabalu. It was designed to be interactive, covering practical Shell HSE knowledge, tools and best practice to help these future engineers identify HSE risks present in the workplace and manage them accordingly. The 50 students were divided into small groups and were given a case study that required them to apply the HSE knowledge, tools and best practice that they were taught over the weekend to various real life scenarios. The event also featured speakers from the DOE, the DOSH, UMS and Shell Malaysia.


Maktab Nasional’s Students Installation Day


Maktab Nasional organised its 13th Students Installation Day to honour the students who have been identified and selected by the school authority as the most capable of being the future leaders. Its Principal, Mr Michael Baikan, said in his speech he hoped to see the newly appointed Student Council carry out their duties and responsibilities entrusted to them with full confidence, commitment and diligence and without any fear and favour. “They are entrusted to help the school management to execute the various duties and responsibilities, such as to enforce the school rules and regulation, student discipline and to organize club and games activities, academic inputs and charity works,” he said, adding the installation ceremony was one of the school’s yearly activities. He disclosed that the selection process for the various posts in the board was done through various criteria such as students’ potential and achievement in academic and extra curricular activities, positive attitudes, high degree of commitment, creativeness, disciplines, responsibleness and diligence. “Having fulfilled these criteria, they are then sent for a leadership training camp. During the training, they are given a variety of activities to train their mental and physical fitness,” he said, adding that at the end of the training, the students were assessed by the trainer to qualify for the certificate. The ceremony was officiated by guest of honour Mr John Paujik who is a member of the Board of Governors. Kohinoor Kaur was appointed as the new Chief Minister of the school.


City Hall told to act against illegal vendors at Lido Market


The Kota Kinabalu City Hall has been urged to immediately act against foreigners hawking illegally at the vicinity of the Lido Market in Lido township here, as they are affecting the livelihood of the legitimate hawkers. Simon Tsen, the Chinese Kapitan for Lido, said he had been receiving numerous complaints from the hawkers at the Lido Market complaining over the presence of these illegal vendors who are foreigners as they were posing an unfair competition to them. “This was because unlike the legitimate hawkers who are paying the monthly rental as well as the trading licence, these foreigners are operating freely without having to pay anything, thus they can afford to sell their goods at a much lower price and this is affecting the business of the legitimate hawkers,” he explained. Simon stressed that since the legitimate hawkers are paying for the trading licence thus contributing to the City Hall’s income, it is only appropriate and fair that the City Hall must come up with effective measures to curb the illegal vendors from operating there, so as to protect the interest of the legitimate hawkers. “Failing which, it may only cast doubt on the credibility and integrity of the City Hall, its Enforcement Unit especially,” he pointed out. He also noted that these illegal vendors usually start operating at the market as early as 4.30am until 7.30am on normal days and until 10am on Sundays. Hence, if the City Hall enforcement is serious about tackling the issue, it should then station its personnel there at early hours.


Leaders agree JPPS should be abolished


Local leaders from within and outside the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) Government here yesterday voiced their support for the call to abolish the Federal State Development Department (JPPS). Both the BN and opposition leaders agreed with the contention raised by Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Seri Panglima Yong Teck Lee that the Department has outlived its purpose. Assistant Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Donald Mojuntin said that the continued presence of the Department implies a “lack of trust” from the Federal leadership. “As far as I am concerned, there is no need for JPPS because in the last election we have proven that Sabah is very much for BN. “As such, they (Federal leadership) should listen to the opinions of our leaders, because if the Department remains it indicates a lack of trust, not only in our leaders but also our people,” he said when contacted yesterday. Donald, who is also an Upko Supreme Council Member, noted that while he agrees with the abolishment of the JPPS, there must be a mechanism to ensure that any and all Federal development funds allocated goes “directly to the ground”. “A monitoring system must be in place. It’s very simple, even without an audit ur MPs (Members of Parliament) will know how much money will be allocated for which area, so the Federal Gvernment must be transparent. “There must be a mechanism to make the transfer as smooth as possible and make it as direct as possible. Whichever (State) department that takes over will be there just to facilitate the transfer,” he said. Parti Keadilan Rakyat State Information Chief Dr Edwin Bosie meanwhile questioned the rationale behind the Federal Government’s insistence to retain the JPPS all this while. “We have a State Government, so we have the mechanism to develop the State. I do not see the need for the JPPS. “It should be left to the State Government to implement the projects. The Federal Government has its auditors, so they act as the check and balance to ensure the money goes where it should be,” he said. Kota Kinabalu MP cum DAP Kota Kinabalu Chief Dr Hiew King Chew on the other hand charged that the JPPS has been a haven for abuse and wastage of funds. “The Department overlaps a lot of departmental jurisdiction, for example with JKR (Public Works Department) or the Rural Development Department. “The State does not have a hand on the Federal funds. It is all with the JPPS and there is a lack of transparency and fairness. “For example, the RM5 million MP fund goes directly to JPPS and MPs can take RM20,000, no questions asked. All they need to do is putdown their signature without any explanation,” he said. The Consumer Association of Sabah and FT Labuan (Cash) President Datuk Patrick Sindu reiterated Hiew’s claims, saying that the duplication of functions between the JPPS and the various State departments would only lead to numerous complications. “In the entire country, only Sabah has this problem. The Federal funds should be monitored by one department only. “As it is, there is too much red tape, a lot of people are being overtaken with overlapping claims over the same projects and there is too much hanky panky... everything has gone upside- down and it costs a lot of money,” he said. On Yong’s suggestion that the JPPS be established in the opposition-led states in Peninsular Malaysia, Donald said it is a logical progression considering the JPPS’ initial purpose when it was set up in Sabah in 1985, when it was governed by the then opposition Parti Bersatu Sabah. “That was the purpose of JPPS’ establishment here in the first place, to ensure that Federal funds are not misused. However, we need to remove any weaknesses to the system,” he said. Edwin however disagreed with the suggestion, branding the move as regressive. “The JPPS was sent to Sabah for a reason. It was to frustrate the State Government at the time which was not the BN and I don’t think that he is being fair to Malaysians. If he (Yong) thinks it is not beneficial at all to the State Government, why suggest to send it to opposition states?” he said. Hiew avoided a direct answer, saying only that if the opposition were to take over the Government as rumoured, the Department “will definitely be scrapped”. Patrick meanwhile stressed that the Federal Government needs to set its priorities, saying that what is important is for the Federal Government to develop Sabah. “There is too much politicking and I don’t understand why they still want things to remain this way,” he said.


Don’t wash dirty linen in public: PKR


Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah Information Chief Dr Edwin Bosi yesterday urged its disgruntled leaders to exercise care when airing their grouses to the media. Political leaders going to the media must be extra careful, he said, adding, “I urge Keadilan leaders such as Pensiangan Keadilan Deputy Chief Affendy @ Lukan Anginduh who was not selected as a candidate in the 12th general election, to refrain from complaining and wash his dirty linen in public. “By doing so, one is exposing one’s character. For the public it will mean that the top leadership has made the right decision in not fielding ‘you (Affendy) as a candidate,” he said. Edwin was replying to the calls for Sabah PKR Chief Ansari Abdullah to take the blame for the party’s failure to win any seats in the 12th general elections. According to Edwin, as PKR Sabah’s Information Chief, he has not heard of any complaints blaming Ansari for the party’s failure to obtain any representation in the Dewan.


Who says I did not help Penampang people? - John


Penampang Umno Divisional Head Datuk John Ambrose Dumpangol said he had done his part in helping the people of Penampang. He said he had built eight hanging bridges, provided computers to schools and school bags to pupils in schools here, and some of the funds came from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office. John was responding to the statement made by the head of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Penampang Division, Dr Edwin Bosi who asked what had the former done to help the people of Penampang (in a statement in a local newspaper yesterday), instead of asking opposition people to join Umno. Last Saturday, John had asked opposition leaders and members to join Umno in order to continue their struggle for the good of the people of Sabah. Dr Bosi also asked what did John do to help the Maang residents when the Government decided to re-settle people to their area. John said his intention to call upon Kadazan leaders and their supporters in the opposition to join Umno was ‘sincere”. “I only broached the subject because I know the opposition would not make any headway in the State, as shown in the recently-concluded polls. “But if Dr Edwin would not want to budge from the opposition, there is no forcing business from Umno,” John explained. On the Maang issue, he said there was a committee headed by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan entrusted to screen and verify the authenticity of the people to be resettled. “And what had Dr Bosi done to resolve the Maang issue or to help the local populace in terms of infrastructural aspects, for instance bridges and so forth? “When somebody’s house was gutted by fire, Dr Bosi was not seen around. Talk less and do more empirical works for the people because rhetoric alone would not help solve any problem faced by the people of Penampang,” he said. John also said Dr Bosi should now ask for help to further develop Penampang district from his PKR leaders in Kuala Lumpur.


10,000 to exercise by collecting rubbish


City Hall is targeting about 10,000 people to join the “Exercise While Campaigning” event to make the City clean f r o m rubbish on May 3. Its Director General, Datuk Dr Chua Kim Hing, said that the program is the highlight of the on-going big scale anti-littering campaign towards making Kota Kinabalu a litter-free City. “On that day, we do exercise by collecting rubbish and at the same time doing campaign to stop throwing of rubbish,” he said, adding the event would also be put in the Malaysia Book of Records. Apart from the City areas, Chua said several villages and smaller towns like Tanjung Aru and Foh Sang would also be involved. “I hope individuals, students, State and Federal Government staff as well as City Friends will be joining this big event to make the City free of rubbish,” Chua said when met at Lintasan Deasoka where an anti-litterbug operation and stop smoking campaign were held. To date, Chua said more than 10,000 people have registered as City Friends. “We are still recruiting more people to become City Friends,” he said. However, he was upset with the attitude of some of the City Friends who littered the City. “Maybe they do not know their actual role as City Friends,” he said. Explaining on how to become a City Friend, Chua said firstly the person must promise not to throw rubbish anywhere. “Secondly, they must advise close friends and relatives not to litter. The third step is they must tick off and educate litterbugs not to throw rubbish,” he said. The fourth step is joining the City Hall’s anti-litterbug operation and lastly practise ‘Life’ - the acronym for ‘Litter free event’. Chua said that these are the actual roles of City Friends. “After the registration, they will be given a City Friend card,” he added. Meanwhile, he urged all shop operators in the City to place dustbins under their tables to make their shops clean. “I notice that people used to throw tissues onto the floor after cleaning their tables. By placing these dustbins, rubbish can be thrown into them,” he said. He also suggested shop operators put up a notice to remind customers to throw rubbish into the right place. Chua added they would also cooperate with the Tourism Ministry to plan and organise more cleanliness programs to make the State clean.


Tourists among 55 compounded for littering in KK


A total of 55 persons, including tourists from Brunei and China, were compounded RM1O each by the City Hall’s enforcement personnel yesterday for littering. All the 55 comprising men and women were compounded on the spot during ‘Ops Kutu Sampah’ conducted along the Gaya Street Sunday Market here when the enforcement unit saw them littering. The operation which stated from 8am until 1pm, involved 46 enforcement staff and several volunteers wearing plainclothes, according to Assistant Enforcement Officer Mohd Amir Izat Romeo b Abdullah who led the operation. “Most of them were found littering paper-cups and cigarette butts,” Amir said, adding that apart from the tourists from Brunei and China, also compounded were visitors from Peninsular Malaysia. The ‘Ops Kutu Sampah’ was held in conjunction with the City Hall’s big scale anti-littering campaign to make Kota Kinabalu a litter-free city. To a question, Amir said a person who was found littering could be actually compounded up to RM500 under Section 3(a) of the Anti-Litter By-law 2005. He said the RM10 compound would be imposed within the period of the anti-littering campaign. “After this campaign, the minimum compound imposed on those found littering is RM50,” Amir said. Asking on the reaction of the 55 persons when they were compounded, Amir said, “Some of them were shocked and the others refused to pay the compound”. “However, when we introduced ourselves by showing our authority cards and explained to them our ongoing campaign, they were willing to pay the compound,” he added. Amir also said the “Ops Kutu Sampah” would be conducted daily. Meanwhile, a man welcomed the move by the City Hall to compound the litterbugs. “I agree with the move carried by the City Hall to compound those found littering. It can teach them and other people a lesson not to simply throw rubbish,” said the man in his 40s.


Surady vows to work harder to solve people’s problems


Sugut Assemblyman Datuk Surady Kayong has assured his constituents that he will work harder to resolve their problems. In thanking them for giving him the mandate a fourth term, Surady said he will get the relevant Government agencies to help out in seeking resolutions to the problems of residents in Sugut. Speaking at the Barisan Nasional (BN) thanksgiving ceremony organised by Umno Kampung Terusan Sugut, Surady who is also Umno Beluran Divisional Chief, said the people’s support was the reason for BN’s victory in the area. “Therefore as your elected representative, I will continue to give my best service in ensuring residents here continue to enjoy development and better socio-economy,” he said. He added that the people continued to support BN because they know only the coalition can provide them with the facilities and infrastructure they need. “BN Assemblyman are always willing to work for the rakyat and do their best to resolve their problems unlike the Opposition who only make empty promises,” he said.


29,300 packets of cigarettes seized


The marine police seized 29,300 packets of smuggled cigarettes worth RM142,094 while patrolling at Tanjung Wakong in Pulau Gaya on Saturday night. City Marine Commanding Officer ASP Fauzi b Ibrahim yesterday said the marine police saw several boats at the beach about 10.3Opm. As they were approaching the boats to have a closer look, they saw a few people escaping in a boat and later found the smuggled cigarettes inside another boat. Meanwhile, the marine police also seized two boats filled with fish, believed to be caught by using poison, last month. Fauzi said a team of personnel who were conducting an operation at Tanjung Tenghilan, came across two boats about 12.3Opm on Feb 27. They found 20 live fish in the first boat and 19 live fish in the second boat. During investigation, the skippers of the boats admitted they had caught the fish by using Sodium, a type of poison. The boats and the skippers were then brought to the City marine base for further investigation. The case will be investigated under the Fishery Act.


Local killed, another hurt in Beaufort fight


A local man was killed while another man was injured in a fight between two groups in Wisma Arjuna here on Saturday night. According to sources, the victim died due to stab injuries on the stomach. Meanwhile, the injured man was sent to the district hospital for treatment. It was not sure whether the police have made any arrest but investigation and operation to trace those involved in the case were being carried out. The police when contacted yesterday, promised to give the details of the incident today. Meanwhile in Kota Marudu, eight men from the Philippines were arrested by a marine police team while trying to enter the State illegally on Saturday night. The eight Filipinos aged between 17 and 51, were apprehended in a boat about 10. 2Opm at the river mouth of Kampung Kanibongan in Pitas during “Ops Barracuda” led by Kota Kinabalu Marine Police Chief Chief Inspector Aziz b Siyon. All the men did not have any documents when they were arrested. Also found in the boat was 10 packs of rice, 10 cartons of Mighty Full Slavor cigarette and 42 cartons of Mighty Menthol cigarette. They are believed to be smuggled items and were seized. All the Filipinos were then detained at the Kota Marudu police station lock-up for further investigation under Section 6(1) (c) of the Immigration Act 1959/63 for illegal entry and under Section 135 (1) (d) of the Customs Act for allegedly possessing smuggled items. If convicted under the Immigration Act, they can be fined up to RM10,000 or jailed up to five years, or both, while the Customs Act provides a maximum fine of RM50,000 or 20 times of he amount of unpaid duty on conviction.