Monday, March 24, 2008


Who says I did not help Penampang people? - John


Penampang Umno Divisional Head Datuk John Ambrose Dumpangol said he had done his part in helping the people of Penampang. He said he had built eight hanging bridges, provided computers to schools and school bags to pupils in schools here, and some of the funds came from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office. John was responding to the statement made by the head of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Penampang Division, Dr Edwin Bosi who asked what had the former done to help the people of Penampang (in a statement in a local newspaper yesterday), instead of asking opposition people to join Umno. Last Saturday, John had asked opposition leaders and members to join Umno in order to continue their struggle for the good of the people of Sabah. Dr Bosi also asked what did John do to help the Maang residents when the Government decided to re-settle people to their area. John said his intention to call upon Kadazan leaders and their supporters in the opposition to join Umno was ‘sincere”. “I only broached the subject because I know the opposition would not make any headway in the State, as shown in the recently-concluded polls. “But if Dr Edwin would not want to budge from the opposition, there is no forcing business from Umno,” John explained. On the Maang issue, he said there was a committee headed by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan entrusted to screen and verify the authenticity of the people to be resettled. “And what had Dr Bosi done to resolve the Maang issue or to help the local populace in terms of infrastructural aspects, for instance bridges and so forth? “When somebody’s house was gutted by fire, Dr Bosi was not seen around. Talk less and do more empirical works for the people because rhetoric alone would not help solve any problem faced by the people of Penampang,” he said. John also said Dr Bosi should now ask for help to further develop Penampang district from his PKR leaders in Kuala Lumpur.