Monday, March 10, 2008


Incident-free election in Sabah, says police chief


State Police Commissioner Daruk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said the 12th General Election was carried out smoothly in Sabah with no untoward incidents reported. He said the smooth process since nomination day until polling day on March 8 was due to the good cooperation from all the political parties, including the opposition. “The 12th General Election was held peacefully in Sabah. I thank all the parties for their good cooperation which made the general election run smoothly and according to plans.” Noor Rashid added the 13 days of campaigning by the Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition candidates was also incident free. “They abided by the rules and regulations in holding the ta1k and so far we still have not received any complaint or report,” he said. However, Noor Rashid said police did receive a few complaints from those who were unhappy with the election process. The police, he added, will investigate into the complaints. Touching further on the election, Noor Rashid said the number of police personnel mobilised on polling day was sufficient and they had carried out their duties well. A total of 2,853 police officers and personnel, including the General Operations Force and Marine Police, were placed at all the polling centres throughout the State. Of the figure, 1,974 were stationed at the polling centres, 688 monitored security and safety and 491 handled traffic flow.


Two men report irregularities on polling day


The district police are investigating reports lodged by two local men over what they claimed were “irregularities” on polling day. The first police report was made by a man in his 30s about 8.10pm on March 8 over the announcement of Barisan Nasional candidates’ victory in both the parliamentary and state seats on television before it was officially announced by the returning officer. The man claimed that the votes were still being counted at the community centre when the BN’s victory was already announced on television. Meanwhile, the second police report was lodged by another local man in his 40s about 1pm yesterday claiming that there were postal voters who worked as Election Commission staff at some of the district’s voting centres. District Police Chief DSP Charles Labung b Lawai when contacted yesterday, said that he had been informed about the police reports. “I have been informed and we will launch an investigation into the reports,” he said.


SAPP leaders get down to work immediately after polls


As far as the leaders from the SAPP are concerned, the Barisan Nasional’s victory in the just concluded 12th General Election is not a privilege but one that comes with a heavier responsibility to serve the people. The SAPP delivered all the two parliamentary and four state seats allocated to the party. One of the victors is SAPP Vice President Datuk Liew Teck Chan who has vowed to work even harder after his re-election as the Likas assemblyman And as early as 7am yesterday, Liew together with SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee, supreme councillors Datuk David Chong Ket Sui and Jimmy Wong were already at the weekly Gaya Street Fair here, where the party has been rendering free services to the public through its service counter there for many years now. SAPP won the Sepanggar and Tawau parliamentary seats through Datuk Eric Majimbun and Chua Soon Bui. The other state seats were won by Datuk Raymond Tan (Tg Papat), Au Kam Wah (Elopura) and Melanie Chia (Luyang).


Probe all poll offences thoroughly: SAPP


Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) which won all the six state and parliamentary seats in the 12th General Election, has called on the Election Commission, the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and police to investigate thoroughly all election offences to ensure cleaner and problem-free elections in the future. “SAPP is especially wary of illegal leaflets and billboards because we were a direct victim of election offences such as illegal campaign materials. So, when a bundle of illegal leaflets was found right outside the SAPP headquarters operations room at Luyang two nights before the polling day, SAPP immediately lodged police reports in order to clear our name. Another set of illegal leaflets was distributed in the evening of March 7 by unknown persons,” said SAPP President Datuk Yong Teck Lee yesterday. He also said the party had good reasons to believe that one of independent candidates was not an ‘independent’ but was planted by a political party as a ‘gun slinger’ to single out SAPP to be attacked. Commenting on the preparations for the polls, Yong said part of it included a confidential party in-house study of the defeat of BN-SUPP candidates in Kuching City in the Sarawak State elections of May 2006. “We were worried that the same fate will befall SAPP in Sabah’s urban seats. We even sent teams to Sarawak to find out the causes of defeat and think of ways to save our BN seats. In December 2006, our party leadership Level 5 Training Course evaluated the study. We feel that, in politics, it is always the people come first. The party must continue to make itself relevant to the people. The party cannot rely solely on past achievements to justify support forever,” he said. As for the campaign billboards and leaflets, Yong said the Sarawak DAP (in 2006) beat SUPP in terms of creativity, attractiveness and imagination. “We learned from that too. So, in KK this time, we did not use the outdated T-board posters which are expensive to put up and have no political value. “One basic reason for the win of our six candidates this time is their performance record and the hopes that they give the people. Local networking and support of local groups was important in delivering many votes. In all our six constituencies, SAPP candidates have a good working relationship with other component parties over the many years and not just during election time,” he said. As for the party, Yong said BN is still an attractive choice of the Sabah people to form the Government. Although there were many protest votes, the mood was not to change the BN Government led by Datuk Seri Musa Aman. This is why BN managed to maintain the same number of seats in Sabah. On the national scenario, he said even though SAPP was aware of some under currents against the BN in Peninsular Malaysia, the swing against the BN was far more than expected. Understandably, this is a new challenge for the BN. “SAPP as a component party of BN will continue our struggle for the people and to strengthen the BN so that the country will continue to progress. With the new make-up of Parliament and strong State Governments in Sabah and Sarawak, it is also to be expected that Sabah can play a more meaningful role in the national mainstream that can bring even more progress and development of Sabah,” he said.


Big winners pledge to work harder


Datuk Seri Panglima Yahya Hussin (Petagas), Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan (Apas) and Saddi Abd Rahman (Sukau) were among the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates who won with more than 2,000 majority votes in the State constituencies. Yahya said he would work hard to fulfil promises made to the people during campaign and this includes implementing development for the benefit of the constituents. He also said that he would be working towards improving the infrastructure, especially the drainage and the road in an effort to ease traffic congestion in the area. Yahya also advised the public to take up all the opportunities provided with the implementation of the Sabah Development Corridor so that they are not left out. For Tawfiq, his victory is a trust to him given by the people and it is a responsibility which he intends to shoulder the best he can. “My victory was not for dignity but a responsibility entrusted to me by the constituents. I will do my best to serve them,” he said and thanked the voters in Apas for giving him the mandate as their elected representative. “I will continue to improve the basic infrastructure facilities in Apas, especially to improve the water and electricity supply besides upgrading the roads. I will also work towards improving the people’s socio-economy for their prosperity as well as to narrow the gap between the rural and urban areas,” he said. He encouraged the people to approach him with their problems and added, “I will spend three days a week in the constituency to hear them out and try to resolve their problems.” Tawfiq hoped that all the political parties in the State will forget any misunderstanding that had occurred before the election and instead work hard to develop Sabah’s rural areas. Meanwhile, Saddi, the new face for BN, wished to create a small and moderate industry for Sukau to reduce the gap between the rural and urban communities. “As a new face, I am happy because the people have given me the trust to be their representative. I will take this opportunity and do the best for them,” he said. He hoped that Sukau will change for the better with the implementation of the Sabah Development Corridor.


Beaufort flood worsens with 354 people evacuated


The flood situation in the district has worsened with the water level reaching 9.29 metres at 6pm yesterday, surpassing the dangerous level of 8.7 metres. District Officer Mohd. Sidek Haji Abdul Jubar said 353 people had been evacuated and were putting up at the temporary shelters in Dewan SMK Satu and Bangunan KEMAS Beaufort. Of the 25 affected villages, Kampung Jempanga, Kampung Malalugus and Kampung Bakalau were the worst hit with the water level waist high in some places. To ease the situation which started February 24, he said two of the gates of the hydro dam had been opened and the district’s natural disaster operation room is now on a 24-hour alert for any changes in the situation. “I urge all the Village Development and Security Committees to activate their operation room and to immediately contact us if any flooding occurs in their respective areas,” he said. Mohd Sidek also reminded villagers in the district to take the necessary precautions such as keeping their personal documents in a safe place and to adhere to advice as well as evacuation instructions by the Fire and Rescue Services Department, army and maritime personnel. The 24-hour operation room can be reached at 087-211146 or those needing assistance can contact him Mohd Sidek at 0198701000.


Good showing by Sabah BN’s new candidates


Sabah Barisan Nasional’s (BN) new faces who contested for the first time in the general election have had a good showing as 20 out of 21 of them won in their respective constituencies. The one who lost was Chin Tek Ming from Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), to DAP candidate Hiew King Chiew for the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat. Out of the 20 seats won by the new faces, eight were with bigger majorities than in the 2004 general election. Their commendable performance has contributed to BN’s two-thirds majority in the Sabah State Legislative Assembly. For example, Abdul Mijul Unaini who contested the Banggi state seat managed to have a 2,074-vote majority compared with 392 obtained by the incumbent in 2004. In Tanjong Kapor, BN candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Teo Chee Kang, won the seat by 3,519 votes compared with the 2,993-vote majority obtained by BN in 2004. The majority votes for BN’s new face for the Matunggong state seat, Sarapin Magana, also increased to 2,982 from 1,274 in 2004. Another new face, Donald Peter Mojuntin from the United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko), who contested the Moyog state seat, won with a majority of 2,685 votes compared with 2,568 gained in 2004. For the Sindumin state seat, BN’s new face was Umno’s Ahmad Bujang who upped the majority votes to 1,904 from 1,668 in 2004. Ellron Angin from Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS), who BN fielded for the Sook state seat, also did well, gaining a majority of 2,131 votes compared .with the 395 majority votes obtained by Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, also from BN, in 2004. Nilwan Kabang, from Umno, managed to increase the majority votes to 4,115 from 1,923 in 2004 for the Kunak state seat. Umno’s Datuk Ramlee Marhaban, another new face fielded by Sabah BN, won the Bugaya seat uncontested on nomination day. The other new faces who won but with lesser majority votes than in 2004 were for the Tandek, Kuamut, Sukau, Sulabayan, Merotai, Tanjong Batu and Sebatik state seats. BN’s new faces for the Silam parliamentary seat, Salleh Kalbi, and for the Sandakan seat, Datuk Liew Vui Keong, also won in the just concluded general election with majority votes of 9,792 and 176 respectively. - Bernama


Edwin says he gave Dompok good scare


Keadilan State information chief Dr Edwin Bosie said yesterday that his loss to Upko president Tan Sri Bernard Dompok in the Penampang parliamentary seat was a good “first try”. Edwin, who contested as a first- time candidate in a four-cornered fight for the seat, lost to Dompok who obtained a 3,063 majority vote after making a victorious comeback to Penampang and serving two terms as the Ranau parliamentarian. The other candidates who contested the seat were bio-technologist Dr Anthony Tibok who obtained 696 votes and businessman Willybroad Missih who received 404 votes. While admitting that he was a bit sad, Edwin said that the 10,337 votes given to him by the Penampang electorate was encouraging enough to give Dompok, who had 13,400 votes, a good scare. “I am a bit sad but at the same time I’m happy with the support I received. I believe I gave Tan Sri (Dompok) a run for his money,” he said when contacted yesterday. Edwin said it was exciting to see the strong shift in support for the opposition in Peninsular Malaysia, which he noted was markedly absent in Sabah. “It’s a shame that Sabahans did not feel the vibrations there and be a part of the big change. In the end, it is the Kadazans who lose because they woke up today (yesterday) and realise that they missed out on such a big opportunity,” he said. When asked about the opposition’s chances had there been a pact between Keadilan and DAP in Sabah, Edwin said it could have been better for both parties. “But that is in the past and there isno point talking about it now. What matters at this point is we continue working towards the next elections. “I think we may need to establish a Sabah plan, like how DAP created their Penang plan where they continued working until they eventually won Penang. “At the same time I think my team and I will need to meet up and analyse what our shortcomings are and improve ourselves,” he said, adding that they are also waiting for party advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and State liaison committee chairman Hj Ansari Abdullah to call for meetings.


Jimmy to resolve water, power problems in Tawau


Newly elected Sri Tanjong Assemblyman Jimmy Wong Sze Phin’s focus would be on resolving the clean water and electricity supply faced by residents in the constituency. The Tawau Democractic Action Party (DAP) divisional chief said his priority was to ensure adequate water supply and ‘zero’ blackout for consumers here. Jimmy who polled 5,359 votes to win with a 1,172-vote majority over incumbent Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Samson Chin Chee Tsu, said it was important to improve the water and electricity supply in the constituency as both are basic necessities. “Resolving problems pertaining to basic infrastructure facilities would also attract more investors to the district,” he said, adding this would provide many income earning opportunities for residents. The Government, he added, should also provide housing for locals in the district who do not own land or provide financial assistance for them to purchase houses. Jimmy pointed out that this would stop landless locals from squatting on Government or privately owned land. He also suggested that the Government shorten the approval process for trading licences which takes about one month now.


Patrick not happy with poll process
Independent says police report will be lodged


The independent candidate for the Papar parliamentary seat, Datuk Patrick Sindu, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the election process in Papar. According to his statement yesterday, Patrick said he was very disturbed by the conduct of the general election on a whole range of issues. Patrick who lost to BN incumbent Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin who polled a total of 15,325 votes, said his proposer and seconder would lodge a police report on the matter. “As an activist in consumerism and human rights, I will continue to concentrate on the same area for the betterment of the people. It would be very good to be in the Parliament to bring out the various issues on consumerism and human rights with a passion,” said Patrick who is also the president of Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (CASH). He expressed his gratitude to those who supported him during his campaign rounds and those who voted for him. “It is expected an election petition would be submitted by several aggrieved candidates in the Papar constituency and I would take the initiative to ensure that this would be done for Papar and other areas. “It is likely that many such petitions would be lodged with the Kota Kinabalu High Court after the various police reports have been made,” he added. Patrick was of opinion that it may seem impossible to dislodge the State BN from power even with the special effort of the Federal-based opposition parties from Peninsula. He also said that he has not given up hope of changing the fortunes of Sabah for the people. “We hope that a new State political party would be established by sincere people in the local-based parties and independent candidates to work hard for the next five years,” he said.


Opposition will form Govt in five states: Anwar


Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the three parties in the opposition alliance would be discussing the forming of Governments in the five states it won in Saturday’s election. He said ,that based on unofficial results, the opposition had won the states of Penang, Kelantan, Kedah, Selangor and Perak. “We also have denied the Barisan Nasional (BN) a two thirds majority in Parliament. Politics in Malaysia will never be the same again. “The, issue of who will be the Menteri Besar or the Chief Minister will be decided if a certain party (PKR, PAS or DAP) has the absolute majority. We have to consult our partners. We will follow the standard procedure, seek an audience from the Sultan or Tuan Yang Terutama,” he told a news conference at his residence in Bukit Segambut here yesterday morning. Anwar said forming a Government was no simple matter and required some time for it. Asked whether there would be big celebrations over the remarkable showing by the opposition, Anwar said none had been planned for now. “The people are more mature now. I want to advise all PKR supporters to remain calm and not to resort to any action that can cause uneasiness among the people,” he said. According to him, the election this time showed the people wanted change. “They want accountability and transparency. It’s a new dawn for Malaysia and the people have spoken. “PKR is committed to enhancing unity, cooperation and mutual respect. God-willing, tomorrow we can make a new beginning to build a new and glorious Malaysia,” he added. - Bernama


Mahathir blames Abdullah for election debacle


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said his successor, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, must take full responsibility for the major defeat suffered by Barisan Nasional (BN) in the just-concluded general election “He should accept responsibility for this, just as in 2004 the huge victory was reportedly due to him, 100 per cent, and that was said by the then secretary-general of Umno. “But now also he should accept 100 per cent responsibility. He has destroyed Umno, he has destroyed BN, and he should be responsible for this massive defeat,” he told a news conference held hours after the polis results were announced here. The former prime minister said it was shocking that the BN had been trounced in five states and the Federal Territory due to the same signal sent by all the three major races - Malays, Chinese and Indians. I think the Japanese would have committed hara kiri. But I think Malays are not up to this yet. I think he should consider stepping down,” he said, adding that he would have done the same thing if he was in Abdullah’s shoes now. To a question on whether the BN had miscalculated in holding the general election early, Dr Mahathir said he doubted that postponing it another year would make any difference in terms of results, as “the people’s dissatisfaction against Abdullah’s administration was already boiling over”. “Four years after the last election, he has done so many things which were wrong but these people (media) keep on reporting how the people loved him,” he said. Issues leading to the dissatisfaction against the Government included the perception that despite high figures on economic growth announced by the Government as well as the launch of development corridors, the people on the ground did not feel anything (its benefits). “They have observed that this Government is run by one family for the family. As long as you have that kind of arrangement where family takes precedence over the Cabinet, over the Government itself, I think people would want to go against them,” he said. Answering another question, he said it is up to Umno to decide on Abdullah’s successor should the latter step down, or probably Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak could take over. “Datuk Seri Najib has scored an amazing victory, more than the 2004 result when it was the best year for BN. His majority increased while Abdullah’s decreased quite significantly,” he said. - Dr Mahathir said a government formed with a simple majority was a weak government, especially in a multi-racial country which could cause instability, among others, and later affect investors’ confidence. He, however, said there was hope yet for the BN to rectify the damage, provided it took note of the signal sent by the people. To another question, Dr Mahathir said he believed it would be difficult for Abdullah to step down voluntarily as, until now, Abdullah still did not comprehend the ramifications of the losses and put the blame of the defeat on the people instead. Expressing his sadness over the losses, the former premier said he did not expect BN to lose to such an extent. On the resurgence of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in this election, Dr Mahathir said he believed that Anwar was still “relevant” but he would never become the prime minister of this country. Asked about the possibility of the Opposition keeping their promises as stated in their manifestos, he said: “They simply made such promises as they did not think that they would form the government but I doubt they could deliver their promises when they gained control of five states.” Dr Mahathir said he would continue to play his role as a citizen by voicing out his opinions as well as sharing them if needed. “I don’t want any official title, senior minister or advisor, but if they come to me and ask my advice, I’m willing to share it for the benefit of the country,” he said. On his son Datuk Mukhriz’s victory in the Jerlun parliamentary constituency, he said it was just a normal success, albeit with a bigger majority. - Bernama


PBS to conduct post-mortem on losses


Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) President Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan will conduct a post-mortem to find out the reasons behind the party’s loss of the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat and Sri Tanjong state seat in Saturday’s general election. “We will analyse, maybe there are measures we should have taken. We have not made any announcement yet until we carry out the postmortem,” he told reporters after a press conference by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman on the victory by Barisan Nasional (BN) in securing two-thirds majority in the state election. Pairin said the losses were unexpected, adding that if all members and BN candidates work together, such losses should not occur. “We are really disappointed because our candidates are good people with the potential to be useful to the BN Government,” he said. The two seats were won by BN in the 2004 general election and their losses this time deprived the BN of a clean sweep of state and parliamentary seats in Sabah. On the possibility of sabotage, Pairin said the causes behind the losses needed to be studied from various aspects while conducting the post-mortem. DAP candidate Hiew King Cheu defeated BN’s Chin Tek Ming, Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Liew Chin Jin and independent candidate Kong Yu Kiong with a majority of 106 votes for the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat while BN’s Samson Chin Chee Tsu lost to DAP’s Wong Sze Phin in Sri Tanjong by a majority of 1,172 votes. Meanwhile, SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said he was pleased that the party was able to win all the seats it contested, adding that it will work hard to develop the state, with BN. “Sabah and Sarawak can play a bigger role at national level under a strong and stable Federal Government and all will benefit,” he said. - Bernama


Abdullah should continue to lead BN Govt: Pairin


Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan has pledged to continue to support Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi despite calls, including from former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad, for the latter to step down following the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) worst ever performance in Saturday’s 12th General Election. Pairin in expressing his support for Abdullah, said BN did not manage to secure as much votes as it hoped for but what is important is that the people and the party, despite the negative results, have to focus on the real thing in the context of what democracy is all about. He said he did not know of any calls for the Prime Minister to step down but he appreciated that BN had gone through the necessary process in the election and despite the shocking results, it still got the majority to form the Government. “What we have got is more than enough to form the Government and govern the country.“As the President of Parti Bersatu Sabah which is a component party of BN, I fully support the continuation of the BN Government under the leadership of Pak Lah,” he said to reporters at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport before leaving for Kuala Lumpur yesterday. “There are still many development programmes which need to be implemented or still in the process of being implemented. And we also have the Development Corridor programme that needs to be implemented,” he said. He said we must give the necessary support to ensure that the BN Government can go ahead and continue implementing its programmes to ensure the objective is achieved. “As for me, I have no problem in giving my full support to Pak Lah to continue as the Prime Minister,” he said. Asked if Sabah and Sarawak would be playing a more important role in the Parliament following the shift of quite a number parliamentary seats from BN to opposition in Peninsular Malaysia, he said both states have retained the required number of seats which will help strengthen the formation of the Federal Government and to continue the solid foundation of the BN Government. “By mentioning that we are the anchor team, I think it is a matter of description of the purpose we like to convey, If we will have a good influence arising from this, and for the good of Sabah and Sarawak, of course. I think it is only fair to speak on behalf of Sabah and Sarawak and also on behalf of the BN Government,” he said. Commenting on the PBS’ failure to retain Kota Kinabalu parliamentary and Sri Tanjong state seats, he said there are a number of factors that need to be looked into as to why the seats were lost and the party will conduct the necessary post-mortem. He said people may have their personal views as to why the opposition managed to wrest the seats from BN and comments, feedback and thoughts on the matter must be thoroughly investigated. Pairin seemingly suggested that the loss of the two seats was partly due to lack of support from certain BN component parties to the PBS candidates fielded to contest for the seats. “As I said very clearly in Kota Kinabalu before, if everybody works hand in hand, if every component party supports the chosen candidates, there is no reason why the candidates should lose,” he said.


Abdullah’s leadership is still needed: Musa


The leadership of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badaw is still needed, Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said. Musa was responding to calls by certain people for the Prime Minister to step down following the loss of the Barisan Nasional’s two-thirds majority in the just concluded 12th general election. “I am talking as the Chief Minister, Sabah Barisan Nasional Chief, Sabah Umno Liaison Chief and also on behalf of the people of Sabah for him (Abdullah) not to resign as the Prime Minister. We still need him to lead us,” he said. The BN’s reduced majority win and the five states that were lost to the Opposition had prompted several parties including former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to suggest that Abdullah resign.


New Sabah Cabinet soon: Musa
CM (sworn in yesterday), to hold more discussions with components’ leaders


The new Sabah Cabinet will be formed, soon. Sabah Barisan Nasional Chairman, Datuk Seri Musa Aman who sworn in as the State’s 14th Chief Minister said he would be discussing further with the leaders of other component parties on the matter. “We would be touching on the quota for ministers and assistant ministers from each component party, including women candidates, and would get the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s opinion on the line-up. “If everything is done, we will hold the swearing- in of all ministers and assistant ministers,” he said at his official residence in Sri Gaya, here, yesterday. Sabah BN repeated a virtual clean sweep of the parliamentary constituencies and state seats in the just concluded 12th general election. The coalition here took 24 of the 25 parliamentary seats and 59 of the 60 state seats in the elections. The Kota Kinabalu parliamentary and Sri Tanjung state seats were however, won by the Democratic Action Party’s candidates. “Thank God, there is continuous trust from the people of Sabah who had allowed us to sweep clean the parliamentary and state seats,” Musa said. Asked on whether he had been called to meet Abdullah, Musa said: “None, but I will be meeting him in a day or two.” Sabah’s victory had also contributed to the bigger majority at the national level: Asked if Sabah would be playing a bigger role in the Federal Government, Musa replied: “We will look into it.”Touching on the reduced votes majority in Chinese areas in Sabah, Musa said they could have been influenced by the current scenario in West Malaysia, but hoped that these people would return and continue supporting the ruling coalition. “I have been talking to Chinese communities and explaining to them the opportunities available if the BN Government stays in power. There will be economic and’ political stability, and better security. “This is an attraction to foreign investors to come in. It means there will be more business opportunities available in Sabah,” he said. On the seat losses throughout the country, Musa said they would be studying the contributing factors and issues and that they would improve on the weaknesses, if there are any. On rumours that a couple of the oppositionists are expected to retract, Musa said the representatives in Sabah would continue to support the existing leaders. He said although Sabah BN had maintained its performance in the last election, he stressed that they would not sit back and provide space for the opposition to barge in. “I have said this many times, reminding the Members of Parliament and Assemblymen that the mandate given by the people is not a privilege, it is a huge responsibility. You must not look at yourself as the Yang Berhormat but rather Yang Berkhidmat. “It is important for you to turun padang and meet the people. Listen to their grouses and find ways to improve it, and most importantly, fulfill your promises. If we perform well, there is no reason for the people to get angry at us,” he said.