Monday, March 10, 2008


New Sabah Cabinet soon: Musa
CM (sworn in yesterday), to hold more discussions with components’ leaders


The new Sabah Cabinet will be formed, soon. Sabah Barisan Nasional Chairman, Datuk Seri Musa Aman who sworn in as the State’s 14th Chief Minister said he would be discussing further with the leaders of other component parties on the matter. “We would be touching on the quota for ministers and assistant ministers from each component party, including women candidates, and would get the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s opinion on the line-up. “If everything is done, we will hold the swearing- in of all ministers and assistant ministers,” he said at his official residence in Sri Gaya, here, yesterday. Sabah BN repeated a virtual clean sweep of the parliamentary constituencies and state seats in the just concluded 12th general election. The coalition here took 24 of the 25 parliamentary seats and 59 of the 60 state seats in the elections. The Kota Kinabalu parliamentary and Sri Tanjung state seats were however, won by the Democratic Action Party’s candidates. “Thank God, there is continuous trust from the people of Sabah who had allowed us to sweep clean the parliamentary and state seats,” Musa said. Asked on whether he had been called to meet Abdullah, Musa said: “None, but I will be meeting him in a day or two.” Sabah’s victory had also contributed to the bigger majority at the national level: Asked if Sabah would be playing a bigger role in the Federal Government, Musa replied: “We will look into it.”Touching on the reduced votes majority in Chinese areas in Sabah, Musa said they could have been influenced by the current scenario in West Malaysia, but hoped that these people would return and continue supporting the ruling coalition. “I have been talking to Chinese communities and explaining to them the opportunities available if the BN Government stays in power. There will be economic and’ political stability, and better security. “This is an attraction to foreign investors to come in. It means there will be more business opportunities available in Sabah,” he said. On the seat losses throughout the country, Musa said they would be studying the contributing factors and issues and that they would improve on the weaknesses, if there are any. On rumours that a couple of the oppositionists are expected to retract, Musa said the representatives in Sabah would continue to support the existing leaders. He said although Sabah BN had maintained its performance in the last election, he stressed that they would not sit back and provide space for the opposition to barge in. “I have said this many times, reminding the Members of Parliament and Assemblymen that the mandate given by the people is not a privilege, it is a huge responsibility. You must not look at yourself as the Yang Berhormat but rather Yang Berkhidmat. “It is important for you to turun padang and meet the people. Listen to their grouses and find ways to improve it, and most importantly, fulfill your promises. If we perform well, there is no reason for the people to get angry at us,” he said.