Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Don’t disrupt devt momentum, says CM Right choice vital to ensure all projects carried out


Sabah is enjoying rapid development and this momentum towards progress should not be disrupted by allowing a new government to come into power and take over the State administration. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said it is important for the people to make the right choice and ensure the continuation of the ongoing various development programmes in the State. “Various development projects are being implemented and many more are being planned. This is why we should vote for BN candidates, so that the BN Government can continue implementing all its development plans to keep Sabah moving forward, he said. Speaking at the official opening of SMK Taman Tun Fuad Stephen in Jalan Bundusan yesterday, Musa pointed that a huge allocation has been given by the Federal Government to Sabah under the Ninth Malaysia Plan including the RM3.4 billion for improving education in the State. In line with the Prime Minister’s aspiration to achieve first class mentality and human capital, he said emphasis is being given to improve the education both in quality and accessibility. According to him, various projects including construction of various supporting facilities has been started to improve the State’s education system. He said various infrastructures such as hostels, new schools, housing for the teachers and many more have been and will be built throughout Sabah. “The State BN Government has always been concerned about the people’s welfare and is working closely with the Federal Government to ensure Sabah is developing in all aspects, including education. This is in line with the Prime Minister’s aspiration to ensure quality education for every child in the country,” said Musa. In addition to education subsidies, the Federal Government has provided various programmes and schemes to assist the students, especially those from poor families, to ensure they can continue their education to higher level Apart from that, he said the State Government is keeping a close watch and work closely with the State Education Department to ensure that whatever request or problems faced by the department can be forwarded to the Ministry of Education and solved accordingly. Earlier, Musa and Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan witnessed the presentation of KUAM assistance to school headmasters in Tambunan to be distributed to poor students in their respective schools. He reminded that the education system in the Sabah can only be effectively improved with strong support and participation from the people, especially the parents. In this regard, he said parents should play an active role in the education of their children by working together with the schools. Parents, he said, should not leave the children’s education solely to the teachers.