Wednesday, March 5, 2008


300 PKR members switch camp


About 300 members of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) handed over their Umno membership application forms to Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Datuk Datu Nasrun Haji Datu Mansur at Kampung Bakau yesterday. The group was led by Patawi Wapijo, the former PKR election campaign director for P.188 Silam. According to Patawi, he and his supporters quit the opposition party because they disagreed with the choice of the candidate for Lahad Datu. He claimed that the PKR candidate, Zainuddin Zulkarnain was not a member of PKR. “Keadilan means justice and fairness, but we can find no justice and fairness in PKR. How can a non-member become a candidate?” he said. Due to the unfair leadership’s decision and lack of respect for founder members of the party, he and his supporters decided to leave and support the BN candidate. Meanwhile, Nasrun, who is the BN candidate is confident of retaining the N. 50 Lahad Datu state seat in the March 8 general election as BN has implemented a lot of development projects for the people here. He stressed that Zainudin has no issue to raise because the constituency has seen tremendous development carried out by the BN during the last four years, especially infrastructure.