Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Chua condemns bad treatment by Tawau hospital


The district hospital’s alleged bad treatment of a snatch theft victim has incurred the anger and disappointment of Barisan National (BN) candidate for Tawau parliamentary seat, Datuk Chua Soon Bui. In condemning the rude behaviour of a nurse and the poor service provided by the district hospital to Madam Liew, Chua said what had occurred was contradictory to the hospital’s service standard. “I request the hospital’s director to conduct a full investigation into the complaint and disclose its finding to the people in Tawau,” she said. The Tawau hospital, she added, maintains a standard of ‘service with a smile’ requiring its nursing and medical staff to treat patients in a friendly manner. “But instead Madam Liew who was injured in a snatch theft incident, was treated badly by the nurse,” she said. According to Chua, the victim whose injuries were bleeding profusely, was sent to the hospital’s emergency room but was not given any treatment and the staff were also rude to her. Chua was on her way to Wakuba when she learnt about the incident and immediately contacted some SAPP leaders in the district to get in touch with the hospital’s director to remedy the situation. She also contacted a Kapitan Cina and requested the community leader to assist Madam Liew at the hospital as well as in making the necessary reports on the loss of her MyKad and other important documents to the snatch thief. Chua also urged the police to step up patrolling and security check to reduce crime in Tawau.