Thursday, March 6, 2008


Student pissed off with hawker’s poor attitude

A student from Sarawak has voiced disappointment at a hawker’s poor attitude and hygiene at the Tamu Tradisi in Inanam. Ivy told Public Hotline that the hawker, who was operating a food stall there ignored her and her friends when she was at the stall to make an order. “When I went to the stall with two of my friends, the hawker seemed disinterested in serving us. She let us stand there for minutes without bothering to take order. Though disappointed, I made another request for the food but again the hawker ignored me.” Ivy said she decided to just stand there and wait to see if the hawker was going to prepare the food for her. “While waiting for the food, I noticed that the hawker let flies swarm the food in an uncovered container. I also noticed that she just picked up the spoon and the tongs and used them to prepare the food without first washing them even there were many houseflies rest on them,” she said. “I was shocked and had vowed it was to be my first and the last time buying food from there,” she said, adding that the attitude of the hawker and the cleanliness situation there should be improved immediately. “I hope the authorities will take this matter seriously because not only locals but also foreign tourists are patronising the hawker stalls there. “I also hope the hawkers who fail to practise cleanliness and hygiene will be given a stern warning,” she said, adding that the attitude of some of them leaves much to be desired. A spokesperson for Kota Kinabalu City Hall, when informed of the complaint, said they will ask the relevant enforcement unit to inspect the situation and take necessary action.