Thursday, March 6, 2008


Opposition leaders like to tell illusive dreams, says Musa


Opposition leaders like to tell about illusive dreams and are desperately trying to win the people’s trust and votes by giving sweet promises they do not intend to keep, said Datuk Seri Muse Aman. Speaking at a leader-with-people session here last night, the Chief Minister told the people not to waste their time listening to these ‘storytellers’ as they know that the opposition leaders would not be able to deliver what they said, even if they really want to. Musa said the opposition parties dare to promise the moon and sky when they know that they would not be able to form a Government due to lack of support from the people and therefore not be able to deliver their promises. He criticized the opposition’s manifestos which, according to him, are not in touch with the reality and illogical. “They promise the people so many things. They said if they form a Government, they will have a Deputy Prime Minister from Sabah. But why give such promise if you know you won’t be to form a Government? It’s simply irrelevant,” he said when referring to Parti Keadilan Rakyat which is fielding candidates in every seat under the Penampang constituency. “They have been rejected by the people in the Peninsular. Now they are trying their luck in Sabah. But Sabahans too are not fool and we too will reject them just like in Peninsular,” he added. Musa urged the people in the district to stand together for BN and not let the opposition’s empty promises influence them. He reminded them that it would be their loss if any of the three seats fall to the opposition. “If any of the seats is won by the opposition, then it is a great loss for the people in that particular constituency, he said. Musa stressed that unlike the opposition, BN has a complete, clear, organized, realistic and achievable manifesto. “Instead of listening to them, let us focus on ensuring that BN win with a bigger majority and continue its development plan for Sabah,” he said. BN P.174 Penampang candidate Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok meanwhile said BN Government leaders are faced with even a greater responsibility should the party is returned to power in the election this Saturday. He said the BN manifesto underlines a huge task of realising the aspiration of the people in all aspects of development. “It is a thorough and complete manifesto and will demand a lot of works from everyone. But with the strong support from people, this huge task will be a bit lightened and surely will be delivered,” he said. The Upko president who is returning to contest the Penampang parliamentary seat after serving two terms as Ranau member of parliament, added he is confident that the people in the district and throughout Sabah will again choose BN and return the party into power. “I believe the people in Penampang and Sabah in general still prefer BN. They still believe in the party to champion them as they know that we are a party that listen to the people and work for the people,” he said. Apart from the parliamentary seat, Penampang also has two State seats, Moyog and Kepayan.