Thursday, March 6, 2008


More opposition members support BN


The Barisan Nasional continues to get a steady stream of support from opposition members here. Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, the BN candidate for P 174 Penampang, on Wednesday received membership applications from Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Saimon Jaikol Goliun and Vitalis Unsin. “I thank them for their support,” the Upko president said after presenting the duo with the BN flag at the Upko headquarters here on Wednesday. Goliun is Moyog Zone One chief cum the party’s State-level organizing secretary of the Biro Perpaduan dan Hal Ehwal Kadazandusun Murut, while Unsin is head of the Kampung Moyog operation centre. “I have decided to ditch Keadilan because the party is not fair at all. Furthermore, Tan Sri Bernard has returned. I believe he is the right person to lead the district to greater heights,” said Goliun “I have started campaigning for him last night. I urge all my members in Zone One, which consists of 12 villages, to vote for Tan Sri Bernard,” he said. Goliun said he had given a list of development needs of the villages and “Tan Sri Bernard was very receptive of our idea. I hope basic infrastructure will soon reach our villages such as Terian and Longkogunan.” Meanwhile, Unsin expressed disappointment over the PKR habit of making empty promises as well as its double standard over candidacy in this general election. “The so-called top leadership is not listening to voices on the ground. They simply make decisions that are detrimental to the party such as picking somebody out of nowhere to become candidate, ignoring local leaders who had been in the party all this while,” he added. Goliun and Unsin were the latest to join Dompok, the others include Maximillian Takong, the PKR’s polls director for Penampang cum the party’s youth chief for the district. He joined Dompok on Sunday night.