Sunday, March 9, 2008


Barisan Nasional retains Malacca
The state Barisan Nasional were returned to power with a two-thirds majority in the 12th General Election. As at press time, the BN won 20 of the 28 state seals. BN won in Kuala Linggi, Tanjung Bidara, Ayer Limau, Lendu, Tahoh Naning. Rembia, Gadek, Machap, Durian Tunggal, Asahan, Bukit Baru, Ayer Molek, Duyiong, Telok Mas, Bemban, Rim, Serkam, Merlimau, Sungai Udang and Sungai Rambai. The state MCA suffered its worst defeat in recent history when it lost in four of the nine seats contested, including one parliamentary seat. The MCA lost Kota Melaka parliamentary constituency, and the Ayer Keroh, Kesidang, Banda Hlilir and Kota Laksamana state seats. The only seats retained by MCA were Machap, Bemban and Duyong. Kota Melaka MCA candidate Wong Nai Chee was defeated by former state DAP chairman Sim Tong Him by a whopping 11,390 vote majority. Wong had, in 2004, wrested the Kota Melaka seat from former DAP secretary-general Kerk Kim Hock with a 219- vote majority. The other MCA candidates who lost were Koh Nai Kwong (Kesidang) who lost to state DAP chairman Goh Leong San by a 1,399-vote majority, Chock Choon Sin (Banda Hilir) was ousted by DAP’s Tey Kok Kew with a 4,912-vote majority, Lee Kiat Lee (Kota Laksamana) was beaten by the state DAP “Iron Lady” Betty Chew by a 7,242- vote majority. The sole MCA woman candidate, Chiew Hong Lan fell to DAP’s Khoo Poey Tiong by a 3,205-vote majority. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, in his immediate comment, said he accepted the decision but was disappointed with the voters in Kota Melaka. “We are lucky in Malacca as we still managed to form the government with a two-thirds majority. “Voters in Malacca, especially in Kota Melaka should have been reasonable.., they should have used their common sense when voting. “Wong had fought hard for the people in Kota Melaka but the people did not appreciate that,” he said. Meanwhile, Wong when met after the results were announced, said that he would continue serving the party but would have nothing to do with Kota Melaka constituency and its voters. “I will now concentrate on my legal practice and spend more time with my family.” — Jason Gerald John