Sunday, March 2, 2008


Issues for all candidates to ponder

As the election gets underway and as polling draws nearer, I want all contesting candidates to ponder the following issues:
1. Why is the Federal Government not considering increasing the 5% oil royalty? A review is long overdue taking into consideration inflation and cost of living;
2. We set up a royal commission of inquiry to investigate the video clip issue concerning the fixing of judicial appointments, yet in Sabah, we have not done so with regard to illegal immigrants and fake identity documents;
3. The Saham Amanah Sabah issue: The Government last time indicated that they will guarantee the SAS shares but what has happened now? I see one passing the buck to another and to this day I cannot get a straight answer. Thank goodness I did not invest in the SAS but I feel sorry for those who did;
4. The papers highlighted what the BN has done for the country recently and said that they are the only ones who can deliver. I firmly believe so because there has not been any government since — maybe there should be a balance and if the opposition cannot deliver at least we can compare, so right now I think it’s a bit lopsided. Lately, the government has been saying they are doing a good job, I would expect from them nothing less as this is the reason why we vote them and they are being paid to do their job;
5. Why should all gaming outlets be controlled by private companies of Sdn Bhd? Lotteries should be conducted through a welfare outlet with a profits going back to society, instead of a few individuals. At the end of the year, they gave any ang pows to a few charities as window-dressing. Somebody is making big money at the expense of the people. Is this how the government serve the people?
6. My general perception of this election is this - everybody wants to be a candidate so that they will be able to win to get a position and power and this would further enable them to get contracts and enrich themselves. As regards their stories about wanting to serve the people, I am sorry I cannot buy that. Sometimes I feel that by voting in an election I am a part of the corrupt nature of our politics and politicians to give them a chance to win for business and their families first. Whoever forms the next government, they will take care of the people in one way or another in a small way as a window dressing as they will be taking care of themselves and their own people first. And because of this Sabah will always be a developing and poorest state instead of the reverse.
Clement Lee.