Sunday, March 2, 2008


Lim urges Sandakan independent to withdraw
DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang has called on Sandakan parliamentary independent candidate Fong Vun Fui to withdraw from the contest for the larger interest of the people of Sandakan to prevent a division of the votes against the Barisan Nasional candidate. “Sandakan people must vote as one to ensure the Barisan Nasional candidate is defeated because at this stage what is significant is to send a very clear message across that Umno’s political hegemony must not be allowed to raise its ugly head,” Lim told reporters after attending a political talk at the Yu Yuan Secondary School hall on Saturday night. Lim said a vote for any BN component party is a vote for Umno’s political hegemony. In a three-way fight there is a possibility that votes against the BN might be split and this must not be allowed to take place because every vote counts. “In Sandakan, DAP’s Chong Chui Lin is seen as the candidate likely to have a greater chance of’winning and therefore I call on the independent candidate to withdraw from the contest to prevent a division of votes. If he refuses to do so, then the Sandakan voters must ensure not a single vote is wasted otherwise the BN maybe the beneficiary which is very unfortunate,” he said. Lim said if the BN wins in the Sandakan parliamentary seat, Sandakan voters and Sabahans in Malaysia will miss out on the opportunity of sending a very credible and qualified Malaysian to become a Member of Parliament and also the opportunity to send a clear and unmistakable message to put an end to Umno’s political hegemony.