Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Six roads in Tandek constituency need urgent repair, upgrading

THE Government has been urged to expedite the peojects to repair and upgrade the roads in the Tandek constituency which has 10 Mukim with a total of 166 villages. Tandek Assemblywoman Anita Baranting said in Mukim Ulu Bengkoka alone, six roads require urgent repair and upgrading. One of them is the 32km Kg Samparita Kampung Magandai Road which cuts through at least seven villages, namely Kg Sungai Magandai, Kg Sonsogon Suyad, Kg Binontungan Suyad, Kg Sonsogon Magandai, Kg SonsogonPaliu, Kg Sonsogon Makatol Darat and Kg Sonsogon Mogis and SK Sungai Magandai. The other six are Kg Bombong 4-Kg Bombong 2 Road (3.5km); SamparitaSamparita Road (7km); Kg Botition-Kg Monguwou Road (4.2km); Kg MonguwouKg Bombong 3 Road (3km) and Kg Salimandu-Kg Minttampak-Kg Malatol Laut-Kg Lingkabungan Road (12km). Anita said these roads are very important for the people from the areas, comprising school children, teachers and farmers. She said the farmers are relying on the roads to transport their agriculture produces to the town and for the children to reach the nearest schools at SK Samparita and SK Salimandut. “There were cases where the sick and pregnant women died along the road to Kg Bombong 2 before they reached the district hospital in Kota Marudu for treatment,” said Anita. She said the roads would be badly damaged and muddy during the rainy seasons and become totally 4passable to vehicles, forcing the residents to walk for hours and even days to reach their destinations. “The condition the roads was so bad that at times school children and teachers were forced to slip in makeshift camps by the roadside overnight to reach their schools,” Anita added. She said the roads in Mukim Gana, Mukim Marak-Parak, Mukim Simpangan, Mukim Taritipan, Mukim Talantang should also be upgraded for the convenience of the residents. Anita also urged the Government to expedite the construction of the power plant project in the constituency which was approved last year. She said when completed the power plant could supply electricity to some 16 villages. “It is important to continue and speed up the implementation of the integrated development programmes for the constituency aimed at alleviating the livelihood of the people there who are still living in poverty,” added the Assemblywoman.