Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Chicken wings now taxable, says Customs


Many chicken wing importers and traders in the State are not aware that the Government has introduced a new tax for the popular item, according to State Customs Department Director Datuk Md Yusop Mansor. Md Yusop called a press conference yesterday to announce the introduction of the new tax to avoid confusion among traders and consumers. From April 1, a tax of 20 to 30 percent has been imposed for chicken wings which were previously a non-taxable item. “Many were shocked and unsatisfied as to why the item is now being taxed. It’s already more than a week since the introduction of the tax but I think there is still a need for an announcement to be made as many are still not aware of this new rule,” he said. He explained the 20 percent tax is for those with a quota to sell the item while the 30 percent is for those with no quota. “We are just the enforcement agency but I’m sure there is a good reason behind the introduction of these new taxes,” he added. Chicken wings are a popular snack among the locals and could be found available even at restaurants and roadside stalls.