Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Memorable promotion for 19 cops


Nineteen newly promoted senior police officers received appreciation during a simple and memorable ceremony at the Kepayan Police Headquarters here yesterday. State Police Commissioner (CP) Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim took time off from his busy schedule to pin rank badges on the uniforms of the cops which he referred as ‘a way to boost their spirit’. In fact, the two superintendents and 17 Assistant Senior Police (ASP) should be proud of themselves as they were the first in the history of the police force in Sabah to receive the rank badges which were pinned on their uniforms by the CP. “This is a day to celebrate it is a promotion and should be welcomed grandly. They have done a tremendous job and it is just right to show our appreciation of their well done job by honouring and celebrating the promotion together. “Besides, it would also make them feel appreciated and boost their confidence. We hope it would also encourage them to work harder in the future,” he said. Rashid added that it was important for the police officers to continue performing well, especially in the effort to improve their delivery system. Stating that there will be more of similar event in the future, he said: “We want to create quality manpower in the future. Appreciate them and they will do good.”