Tuesday, April 1, 2008


MCA warns of detrimental effects


The declining number of East Malaysians in the Federal Cabinet is a cause of concern that could have detrimental effects to the Barisan Nasional (BN). National Central Youth MCA Committee Member cum Deputy State Youth Chief MCA Sabah, Wilfred Yong, yesterday pointed out that the number of East Malaysians holding senior ministerial portfolios in the Federal Government has declined since the 12th general election. Yong who stated this in a statement yesterday, was commenting on a statement made by State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datik Masidi Majun. “Whilst not wishing to add to the Prime Minister’s woes, I have to endorse and add to the comments made by Datuk Masidi Manjun,” he said. According to Yong, Masidi’s remarks was on the paucity of representation of Sabah BN at the highest levels of Government but pointed out that the same comments applied to the whole of East Malaysia. He said it is a fact that the number East Malaysians appointed to senior ministerial portfolios has actually declined since the election. “In Sabah and Sarawak people supporting BN candidates showed a strength of force on March 8 and in many cases, the majorities garnered by the candidates in these two States increased substantially compared with their counterparts in Peninsular Malaysia where there were disturbing losses of support,” he said. Yong lamented that even on a pro rata basis, Sabah had lost out, in the ‘reward’ of senior posts, especially when put alongside Umno’s home State of Johore. “Even though I accept that when drawing up his Cabinet, the Prime Minister has a difficult task to create an effective balance but I have to humbly express that he is running a serious risk of alienating loyal BN East Malaysians,” he stressed. “Many workers from all the BN component parties had put in incredible efforts prior to the election and Sabah particularly, had received scant reward of recognition for their work or loyalty,” he said. “By any measure East Malaysia is now the national bastion of BN and neither Umno nor any of the other parties should, by default, squander the vital 24 parliamentary seats. “Perhaps it is time the BN leadership break out from their KL-centric mindset and show by their actions that East Malaysians are really fully paid-up members and citizens of equal paramount of the nation. “Therefore, I call upon the central leadership to address ihis issue urgently and to really consider the well-being of Sabahans since it has become one of the poorest States in the country. I fear that failure to do so may result not only in a disillusioned electorate but an eventual catastrophe far worse than the March 8 general election,” Yong said.