Thursday, April 3, 2008


BN risks losing Sabah
MP Mojigoh accuses KL of denying qualified Sabahans of jobs, promotions


Barisan Nasional (BN) will likely lose Sabah in the future if the Federal Government continues to overlook the need to promote and appoint qualified Sabahan civil servants in federal departments. Putatan Member of Parliament Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh said the Federal Government is risking the continued support of Sabahans or BN by alienating qualified Sabahan government officers; not promoting or appointing them. “It creates unhappiness, uneasiness and anger among Sabahans towards the BN Government and it must put a stop to all this nonsense. If not, the Opposition will take advantage of the rakyat’s dissent and BN will be finished the next election,” Mojigoh warned. He also took the Federal Government to task for not recruiting any Sabahan among junior officers in RTM Sabah. “I was told by a source from RTM that 30 newly appointed junior officers from Peninsular Malaysia started work in RTM Sabah early this year,” he said. “The people want to know why not a single Sabahan Organization (UPKO) Vice resident said. Voicing his frustration over the situation, Mojigoh said this is something like colonization and it rukes Sabahans unhappy. “It seems like we (Sabahans) are not part of Malaysia and it is akin to looking down on Sabahans... To them, we have no value,” he said. The Federal Government, he said, knows very well that Sabah is facing unemployment problem, therefore it should offer jobs to the unemployed graduates here. “I was informed that the new Federal State Youth and Sports Department Director is also from Peninsular Malaysia. Why wasn’t the Deputy Director who is a Sabahan promoted? The Government should not have overlooked the Deputy Director,” he said.