Thursday, April 24, 2008


Complaints over demolition of Karamunsing roundabout


The Member of Parliament here Dr Hiew King Cheu said he had received numerous complaints about problems arising from the demolition of the existing roundabout in front of Karamunsing Complex and the SESB Building. He said the complaints were brought to his attention by tenants and owners of the Karamunsing Complex since the SESE started demolishing the roundabout and converted the area into a parking bay for the sole use of the utility Company. He said SESB management had claimed that since the roundabout was within their boundaries, they had the right to do what they wanted with the area. After the conversion was done, the parking area would be fenced up and tenants and lot owners at Karamunsing Complex were prohibited from using the area, even at the roundabout, said hew yesterday. Speaking to reporters during an inspection at the site, Hiew said there was a meeting between the SESB management, Karamunsing Complex management and City Hall to discuss the likely problems arising from conversion of the roundabout into a parking bay and fencing off the access road there to cut off the traffic flow into the area. “The central roundabout area with green plants has been there since the completion of the two complexes some 25 years ago and it has been like a public place shared by the two complexes. “Why did SESB suddenly decide to put in their boundaries and claim the right over this roundabout?” Hiew, who is also the DAP KK Branch Chairman, asked. According to him, the fence will actually cut off the traffic flow for the two buildings and caused a great amount of inconvenience to the public as converting the area into parking bay will merely accommodate 32 car parks. As such, Hiew suggested that in the interest of the public, it would be better not to fence up the area and the proposed car park can still be constructed. “This way motorists can still use the area as a roundabout,” he said, adding that if the SESB management wants to have more parking lots, they can always make use of the front space of the building facing the new Karamunsing flyover. There are not less than 10,000 people using the two complexes and in this regard he urged City Hall to intervene.