Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Need for smart policies to realise SDC objectives: State Secretary


Much needs to be done to better formulate the State Government policies, especially with the addition of Sabah Development Corridor to the list of main agendas for Sabah. State Secretary Datuk Sukarti Wakiman said that apart from the optimal use of resources, smart policies need to be in place before the development goals under the development plan can be achieved. Further stressing the importance of formulating smart policies in shaping the halatuju of the SDC, he said government policies must reflect two main characteristics. Firstly, it must be based on the idea of fulfilling the main needs of the community and secondly able to be a driver that leads the community towards prosperous and progressive life. Apart from that, he said the determination of objectives, form, steps and implementation of a certain policy must be based on the set long-term vision and planning. “With the formulation of policies that support and drive us towards the objectives (under the SDC), I am confident and even more optimistic that we will not only be able to place ourselves on par with the other states, but also capable to become a ‘benchmark’ in terms of effective management and administration,” said Sukarti at the opening of a Research and Evaluation of Policy Workshop at Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort (STAR) here yesterday. “An effective administration also starts from the efficient formulation of policies. Filling the policy is also the same as important as implementing it in which both must be clear and parallel. Fine-tuning can only be made when we are willing to learn about each other so that in the end the end- product enjoyed by the ‘external clients’ that is the rakyat will only be the best,” he added. Apart from looking for room for fine-tuning, the workshop organised by the Cabinet and Policy Unit of Chief Minister’s Department also aims to provide for a learning process for the participating government officers. A total of 35 officers from randomly selected ministries and departments that are directly related to the implementation of SDC as well as State halatuju attended the two-day workshop. Unit director Haji Yusof Abd Abbas and principal assistant director Dr Ismail S. Charles, were also present. The workshop, which is the second in the series on policy analysis organised by the unit, involves scrutiny and evaluation of the policies of randomly selected state ministries to enable the participants to identify room for fine-tuning and then absorb what they have experienced from the process.