Tuesday, March 11, 2008


New Matunggong Assemblyman to focus on power, water, roads


New Matunggong Assemblyman Sarapin Bin Magana, whose eleventh hour nomination as a PBS candidate in the just- concluded election sparked a controversy, has expressed his gratitude to the BN leadership and PBS President Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan for placing their trust in him. “With the trust, I would ensure Matunggong receive infrastructure development, especially clean water supply, roads and electricity,” he said. “I just want to bring progress and development for the people and villages in Matunggong.” Sarapin, a father of four whose wife works as a teacher, said he will work with the government agencies concerned in reducing poverty in the communities through agriculture, fishery, tourism and small industries. “I want to ensure that the people under these agencies earn a better income,” he said. Sarapin said he is also grateful to all BN parties’ members and supporters for helping him win the Matunggong state seat. “It is very important for me to say here that my victory is based on all individuals’ support, especially leaders and supporters from the BN components - PBS, UMNO, PBRS and UPKO,” he said. “While campaigning, these BN leaders were always with me and I fully appreciate their support. “I hope they would continue their support for me to enable me to serve the rakyat (people) efficiently. “I also feel very thankful to those who have voted for me; I would not forget their struggle and their efforts. “While campaigning, I received so many messages supporting me. Because the messages were too many, I was not able to answer all and I feel sorry, but I am here now to serve as best I could.” Asked to comment on the reaction of Jornah to the PBS leadership’s decision to drop her in favour of him, Sarapin said: “Jornah? Yes, I read on the front page of The Borneo Post. I have no comment on her statement before the election. I hope the election result could be the answer for her comments. I am just a simple person, and I am here to serve the rakyat now.” Sarapin, 46, who was born in Kampung Kumbatang, Kudat, served as an auditor in the State Department of Corporative Development for three years before furthering his study in Universiti Utara Malaysia, Kedah. After his graduation with Bachelor of Accounting, he worked for the Sabah State Treasury Department on placement as an accountant in the scholarship division for almost ten years. He remained with the Department for five more years before being promoted to an Assistant Director for the Account Management and Finance Division in the Sabah Veterinary Services and Animal Industry Department on 1 September last year.