Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Jeffrey, Anwar have own political agendas: Pairin


PBS President Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan said his younger brother Dr Jeffrey and Keadilan Advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have their own political agendas without wanting to truly fight for the people. Responding to a news report yesterday in which Jeffrey urged him to “retire gracefully”, Pairin said the Opposition are only good at lying and kicking up wild allegations. “In the papers, it was reported that there were 2,000 people at his ceramah (talk) in Tambunan, but according to my sources there were only 180 people attending,” he said after officially opening the Pusat Giat Mara centre here, yesterday. “This is the Opposition, they tell people outside of Keningau that Pairin has already dropped in Tambunan and Keningau. What I can say is the opposition cannot be trusted. “They will continue to lie to the people because they are only fishing for votes, only to further their respective agendas especially Anwar Ibrahim and Dr Jeffrey, because they are partners-in-arms,” he said. Pairin charged that Anwar and Jeffrey were part of the team that worked towards taking down the PBS-led State Government in the 1994 general elections. “One wants to be PM (Prime Minister), one wants to be DPM (deputy Prime Minister). Their aim is not to form the Government, or be in politics to truly fight for the people in our country or our State. “They don’t care if our security is threatened, because in Semenanjung it is obvious where demonstrations happened and here they instigate (the people) in various ways. “They have personal political agendas and are not interested in developing the country ... they cannot be trusted and the people need to know this,” he said. Commenting on the Keadilan slogan “Time for Change”, Pairin said the Barisan Nasional has already brought about positive changes and would continue to do so. “We have a new PM who brings a new approach which is closer to the rights and needs of the people, especially in the Interior and rural areas and for the poor, particularly the hardcore poor. “When we receive good things through change, this is what we need to hold on to and not discard. Why go hunting aimlessly for a bird when you already have one in hand?” he said. On his chances in the Keningau parliamentary and Tambunan State seats, Pairin expressed confidence in being voted in for another term. “I will defend and win both seats, with the support that is definitely leaning towards BN. All (our candidates) will win, including Tuaran and Tamparuli and all (candidates) under the BN,” he said.