Friday, February 29, 2008


Taman Kingfisher resident sees red over congestion

A motorist has complained about what he described as terrible traffic congestion at the main road in Taman Kingfisher, Likas. Kit, who said the stretch of road from Taman Kingfisher to the roundabout is particularly congested during peak hours, urged the relevant authorities to take immediate steps to overcome the problem. According to him, the situation makes travelling to and from the fast expanding housing estate very inconvenient for the residents whose numbers have increased drastically. “This congestion is giving me high blood pressure as it is frustrating and causing loss of time. The traffic jam is truly terrible and worsening day by day, especially in the morning,” he said. “The stretch of road is very narrow and can no longer handle the sharp increase in the number of vehicles,” he said, adding that he usually reports for work in Bundusan late due to the congestion. Kit said the problem is also causing a lot of motorists to become impatient and jump queue, and this only causes loss of more time to others. “I think the “ikut barisan, jangan memotong” campaign is not effective. Some people are still not aware of the need to adhere to traffic rules strictly,” he said. Kit hoped the traffic police will take stern action against motorists who habitually jump queue at the expense of other motorists and causing more traffic problem. “May be the traffic police can carry out inspection every morning to catch these selfish motorists. They should be taught a lesson. Motorist also should realize and understand that they are not the only one using he road or in rush,” he said. ‘A spokesman for city traffic police, when asked to comment on the complaint and suggestion, said: “As far as I know, our team monitors the traffic situation almost everyday despite a shortage of manpower.” “This area is no exception, and we will take necessary action to solve the problem. We have been doing all we can to ensure convenience of all motorists. But to promise or guarantee that there will be absolutely no problem would be impossible,” he added.